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It comes out of character for me to even take the time to post in a forum like this. I have now had THREE projects where I have paid the artists out of compassion and sympathy. It seems like the people accepting the projects are not even reading the requirements, for the most part my projects have been off…by a mile. And getting them started seems easy and all. Then to find out they never actually read what you wanted!!! This is getting more frustrating each day.

We are on the same boat here, I just end up giving the person a good review even if…well it wasn’t exactly what I’m looking for. Perhaps you should really dig in some more and check the images in their samples (you can see the images when you check their gig) to see if that’s what you’re looking for…

Sorry to hear guys. Why did you leave a positive review if you did not like it? I would be so frustrated!

I would not leave good feedback just to be nice. People then don’t know what to expect when looking to order from them and too end up unhappy. You don’t have to leave one start but 3 or 4 with an explanation is enough to warn so to speal

I have hired artists and designers here and only had great and amazing experiences with them. I choose them carefully after reading their reviews. The one I like best will usually first do the work without even asking for money when I first message him. He is from Sri Lanka.