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Ranting because this is the Ranting Pot

Nothing can be done here, just ranting in the Ranting Pot!

  1. I hate reviews on my profile as a buyer. It’s a double edge sword. When I sell my ebooks on Amazon, I want and need reviews. I am very happy with 4 stars and up, a little irked with 3 stars, but still okay - anything to rank me.

Of course there is a but coming:

** BUT ** I hate reviews as a buyer. I don’t want people to know what I buy, who I buy from and how often I buy. Frankly, that should be a secret between me and the seller.

I hate the 3 reviews on my profile. I wish I could remove it. I’ve stopped leaving reviews because of it. PRIVACY, PRIVACY, PRIVACY.

  1. In the old days, I can order 5 gigs when I’m working on a project all at once. The shopping cart made it so there is one charge on my Discover.

Now, I have to do 5 seperate transactions, wasting my time and confusing - when seeing my bill. It looks like duplicate transactions on my bill until I look at my spreadsheet. ANNOYING, ANNOYING, ANNOYING

  1. For heaven sakes get rid of the service fee on gratuity. :angry: I’ve never in my life had to pay a fee to REWARD someone.

That’s all for now. I may think of more later. :grin:


Yeah, reviews are weird. There’s privacy issue, plus it feels awkward rating the buyers at all, unless they were absolutely horrible. And even when they were horrible, you’re stuck wondering whether the review they left you is equally horrible. Do I rate them how it is and risk getting myself into uncomfortable situation where they left me a great review, despite bombarding me with unreasonable revisions and being rude? Or do I rate them 5* with a subtle hint for other sellers in my review and end up with 1* from them?

The tip system is the most annoying and counter-intuitive. I understand that it is there to prevent buyers and sellers from making arrangements to exclude Fiverr’s comission, but wouldn’t limiting it to a percentage of what the order is worth be much, much better for all the parties?
Or atleast stop charging buyers additional fee and just extract 20% on my part.
I feel like a lot of buyers are discouraged from giving tips by the additional fees.


Poor Gina {{{ hug }}}

If it’s any consolation, here in the UK we have to pay tax on service and/or cover charges in restaurants …

I think you’d have a good chance to get one of the three removed, the one mentioning the tip, that’s arguably a privacy violation. That’s still 2 then, but perhaps 1/3 would be worth the cs correspondence if you really hate them that much.


Yeap, I’ve seen plenty sellers doing the same. They like to publicly brag about being tipped. Horrible practice and terribly unprofessional… :roll_eyes:

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