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Ranting in The Ranting Pot

My Fiverr Rants…

I can not understand HALF of what people post in the Buyers Requests section. Are these things even monitored or reviewed before being posted?

So many people expect to have services done for ONLY $5 no matter the word count or anything. We are not here to make $4 after the Fiverr fee for every gig that’s posted.

Payment takes way too long to process.

I want Chinese food.

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The Buyer Requests section is a mess with some buyers needing the best of both worlds for $5 and some sellers spamming the heck out of it.

But there are always good buyer requests with appropriate/negotiable budget. Go for those requests and tailor your quote according to the clients’ requirements. You will be surprised at how good the results/buyers/orders are most of the times.

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:question: :question: :question:

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I think he means that he needs more than just $4 for each gig so that he can have Chinese food? :smiley:


The funniest thing about this post is that it’s not actually in the ranting pot…


I filter through them the best that I can. I often feel like its a waste of time though. Just my opinion. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

No, I literally wanted Chinese food at the time! And, I went to get it :joy:


I like to be different, lol


Yeah, to me, Buyer Requests stands for ‘Fiverr But Without Reason.’ I gave up bidding on work as it made me feel like someone begging a pigeon for a breadcrumb.

In fact, I think buyer requests is actually very bad for peoples mental well-being.

You sit there reading:

“I’m TIRED of SPAMMERS. Only send offers if you are a native English speaker who can write SEO articles which are guaranteed grade A for Flesch reading ease, and which are fully researched! Need 1,000-words for $5.”

And it just makes you hope that whoever wrote that is diagnosed with some kind of horrible illness by the end of the week.

Then that anger starts to fizzle in you when you see someone wanting a custom video for $5 and in the end, you just have to go for a long walk to calm down.

Steer clear of the place.


Exactly. That’s why I said “We are not here to make $4 after the Fiverr fee for every gig that’s posted.”

I am actually a fresh face ( or is it a fresh voice? ) to VO. After using a P2P site for several months, I joined Fiverr. I’ve only had 2 gigs on here but that’s mainly my fault because I get migraines from and turrets before I read half of a Buyers Request, lol

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That are exactly my thoughts (also on the forum from time to time) and the reason why I stay away from the fools request section.

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Where do you get your gigs if you’re not using the BR section? I would think from the ones posted in the forums… which raises the question, WHY are people posting gigs in the forums?

The people posting gigs on the forum are intellectually terminally ill but no one has had the heart to tell them yet.

How you get sales is different for everyone. I saturate Fiverr with as many gigs as I can in different niches, then pick off the ones which don’t sell and replace them with new ideas. Other people do have success with buyer requests but I have a suspicion that these people are genetically superior to the rest of us and have no ability to experience psychic exhaustion.

You just have to tweak things constantly for the search (just never a gig which is selling) and maybe go into a little biohacking to increase your mental energy levels. i.e. Breathe guarana and wash your face with instant coffee in the morning.


haha! I love it! EPIC reply!

The English in some of the BR posts is atrocious. I just finished a job from the buyers request section that ended up being a huge headache, and a waste of my time. I offered the buyer my services below my regular rate, which is pretty standard, but the script the guy sent me was poorly written, so not only didn’t I get paid for the word count but the guy got other services I offer as extras for free.
You live and you learn I guess. I can’t wait to see if he wants to work with me again expecting the same prices.
Speaking of the English, how many people have had problems with the language barrier with customers? What do you do when the customer doesn’t quite understand you? I’ve been lucky as this was my first pain in the ass job, regarding non native English speakers.

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In just a few months time, BOTH of the gigs I have done have been the same way. I didn’t understand half of the script and I dropped my price, out of frustration, to far less than I should have. Of course, they didn’t mind because they knew they got away with murder. The language barrier is quite annoying. Ive always wondered why we dont have sections for Languages or even Countries. In fact, services by Location would be perfect.


Why not turn it to your advantage?

Offer a gig extra to check and correct grammar, word usage etc.?

Explain that you won’t be happy to be asked to produce an audio file which uses incorrect English, and that for $x, you’ll correct it before you record it. :sunny:


The best part was I even asked for clarificaion. There was one section in particular that was supposed to list several different topics, but there were random commas and words were capitalized throughout so there was no way I could even begin to guess where the breaks were. Then he came back to me with literally two new commas, which almost made it more confusing.
I’ve delt with customers who don’t speak English very well, but they can usually get their point across effectively.
To date my favorite inbox question is "script of 654 words how fast time can be done to?"
Yeah, sorry I’m busy.

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I’ve been denied a few gigs trying that.

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Your buyers don’t have to accept it, but you can always offer it.