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Ranting Pot Epic Fail

So a few days ago I spent good time detailing an experience I had with a Seller on Fiverr. The Seller’s name was completely anonymous, referred to only as Seller. Someone responded citing a negative experience of their own with a complaint referring to a specific user, which resulted in the entire thread being deleted

I appreciate the feedback of the community and the support that I did receive and it was quite supportive.

But seriously: moderate properly. If you give us a place to rant, then let us rant and keep the experiences available for others to see. People deserve to know both the best sides of Fiverr and the worst sides, and obfuscating negative experiences through censorship under the guise of “moderation” simply reinforces the idea that there are scammers on Fiverr and that nothing is being done to deal with them.


I suggest you avoid jumping to conclusions and making wild accusations about the moderators and moderation on the forum.

As the moderators who actively moderate the forum are all volunteers and not staff, when there has been an issue with a thread it is occasionally necessary for it to be taken out of public view temporarily and “cleaned up” and/or discussed between more than one mod. As we are not all online at all times, this can sometimes lead to an extended period of time but such is life - in reality you should be annoyed at the person who hijacked your thread for their own purpose more than the moderation team.

Finally, as to your accusation of censorship or hiding of “another side” of Fiverr, a quick look around the forum will clearly show that this simply doesn’t happen. There are plenty of posts which prove that such censorship just doesn’t happen, nor would I volunteer on a forum which required me to act in that way.

I’ll accept an apology should you feel it appropriate given your unfounded accusations and incorrect assumptions regarding the actions and character of myself and the other mods.


Eounfinnegan: you are right. I am sorry if I have offended you. Unfortunately the poor moderation of some does reflect upon the moderation of the whole. You may do a very good job, and probably have no idea what post I am referring to. However, Moderation occurs in private with minimal accountability on the front end, which I allowed a few hours to pass before saying anything in case there was something on the back end that I was unaware of.

I see where you can lock posts that go off topic, but I have experienced where you delete posts. These are two very different forms of moderation, which unfortunately a moderator took the situation from a 1 to a 10 in a matter of minutes because rather than delete the irrelevant posts they deleted the entire thread instead of locking it.

I have control over the content of my posts. Not the content that others add to a thread. Much like you are disappointed I am overgeneralization of the moderation of the forum, I am disappointed in the overgeneralization of my post’s moderation; particularly when alternate options are available.

I can respect good moderation since I’ve done it before and sometimes the judgement calls are difficult, but the fact remains that there are fair and unreasonable ways to moderate, which this specific instance was not handled in a fair manner. The individuals who performed this mismoderation will probably be anonymous and never come forward, but the fact remains that an act of censorship did occur.

You are incorrect in all of the above points.
I am fully aware of the post you are referring to as before responding initially, I checked to see what happened.

Your topic was not deleted but was removed from public view temporarily which we do quite often when we don’t have time to check out a thread thoroughly or we need/want another Mod’s opinion on something. This has been explained before on the forum and I believe it is in the Forum rules/guidelines posts.
The moderation of your post was in keeping with the rules and guidelines of the Forum and the processes we have for dealing with ALL posts, both positive and negative.

Finally, not that it is particularly important or relevant, you posted this topic 27 minutes after the other topic was removed from view.

Hiding a post from public view and deleting might as well be the same thing because it still removes the content from the forums and public view. To say it is not censorship is incorrect though because it still conceals the content whether for a limited period of time or permanently, which a lock to reign in the content would be equally efficient and at least allow the content to be viewed. It is possible for unintentional censorship to occur without intending to restrict the flow of information.

My apologies if the time that it was pulled is incorrect, 11:34 a.m. (Local time) is when I initially tried to access the post, which it was unavailable, and tried again at around 2:30 p.m. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues using the mobile browser over my desktop, so it may be user error.

That’s simply not true though.
Censorship is a deliberate act of suppressing something for a purpose and your assertion is that the post was suppressed/hidden to protect Fiverr’s reputation from what you had posted. I am telling you that this is not the case and there are plenty of posts with far worse stories than yours. It was hidden because of someone else breaking forum rules on your thread and is being treated in the same way as every other post this happens with.

Unintentional censorship can’t really happen, censorship by definition is intentional.
Information can be hidden unintentionally or as a consequence of something unrelated but that isn’t censorship and certainly nothing like what you asserted in the OP:

You state that the moderation which occurred was to hide your post. It wasn’t. That is what I have an issue with.
I can understand that you don’t like the post being hidden through no fault of yours but again, such is life and this is not a moderator’s fault so stop blaming them.

Anyway, enough semantics I think. Sorry your post was hidden, it will be restored as soon as possible. Please refrain from publicly accusing mods of such things in future and if you have an issue with moderation, you are allowed to contact us via Forum PM (not Fiverr messages). Alternatively, CS can be contacted if you are unhappy with mod actions.


Has the thread reappeared yet? You said you posted it a few days ago.

Thank you for the honest feedback on how moderation works on Fiverr and humoring my rant.

The thread has not reappeared yet.

This one seems to be taking a little longer.

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So, @shgage, I can clear this up and it might not make you feel any better, but perhaps it will if you know that the issue was simply due to the factors that mods are humans - in this case that human being me.

At the time your post was flagged I was the one who caught the flag, and as you know it was because someone else messed it up by posting something they shouldn’t have. However, it is part of our protocol to read through a thread that has been flagged and not just to check the post that was flagged. Honestly, that is usually a simple task and done immediately or shortly thereafter. All of the mods like to read forum posts and it is one reason we volunteer.

At the particular time that your thread was up for a check, though, I was in an unusual situation. One of my eyes was injured by a tiny piece of metal that had become stuck in my cornea. One of the other mods has been away for other reasons, so I was trying to be sure I checked flags now and then since we were already a bit short on mods. I did have to go to the emergency room even though the eye issue was not that serious, it could have become so and was painful, so I was out for some time and completely unable to read for about a day. When I was able to read again, I had to be cautious about my screen time since my eyes were very sensitive. I happened to catch your flagged post during all that and your original post was extremely long, as I’m sure you know, I think you even put a TL:DR note. (I’m giving you a long but true explanation in return. :wink: )

I pulled your thread with the intention of reading it later or asking my fellow mods to check it, but I did not realize at the time that I would be unable to even focus well enough to contact them at first. They could verify for you that I actually messaged them from the hospital when I realized the whole dumb thing was going to take a while, but in the middle of the situation I did not actually think to tell them that there was a single post I had moved and lost track of. So, when @eoinfinnegan saw your post today, he had no idea what you were talking about until he checked old logs and I found out about this rant. I imagine he was not sure if I had left it invisible because of my down time or if I had spotted something in the thread that was of concern to me, so he waited (which we normally do) to make sure.

This usually wouldn’t need such an elaborate explanation, but that’s what happened. As soon as I realized that I was the culprit in your “censorship theory,” I made time to let Eoin know what happened and went to check your thread. I did not intentionally censor you but any means, and as @misscrystal said, this one was indeed taking longer because of a chaotic incident and some missing communication. Yep, the mods are human. You could call this a mistake and that’s fine with me, but my GRACIOUS that was a long OP. Now you have a very long story about a moderator eyeball to match. Your thread has been restored as well.

~The End~ :scream:


No wonder I haven´t seen you around so often. Get well soon! Hope your eye will heal soon! :four_leaf_clover:


@fonthaunt I really wish you the best and a complete recovery for your eye.


I’m really sorry for jumping to such extreme conclusions. My connection issues on my phone and the fact that it had blown up so much while I was away made it seem 10x worse than I had thought because I knew that I was a somewhat passionate rant.

Thank you for the honest, thorough response. I appreciate the candid responses that both you and Eoinfinnegan have provided. I feel really silly for jumping to conclusions at this point since my first assumption was so horribly inaccurate. As far as I am concerned this is water under the bridge.

I hope that you have a smooth recovery.


God, that’s horrible! Hope you’re doing well now. I worry about my mom whenever I hear things like this, staying on her own, without anyone to help.


You really should move her in with you! I know it sounds not too pleasant in some ways but it will be good for her and in a way for you too. And as an adult you can gently show her you don’t need her to tell you what to do or how to live.

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You are in my thoughts. I hope your eye heals swiftly.


Thanks to all of you for such a kind response! I really just wanted to explain what happened honestly but also lighten up the thread a bit and the outpouring of concern is touching. No worries, luckily I was able to get medical care right away and other than some pain and a day thinking about how scary it is not to see, it was OK. It was a bit tender and sensitive to light for a short while but with antibiotic drops, no lasting harm was done. I had to be out of town yesterday and rested today but now I hope I’ll be back to business as usual! Thanks again, everyone. Don’t be concerned, @shgage, lets just carry on. :slight_smile: