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I am doing my first ever buy. When I go to ORDER NOW and click. It tells me…

We’re having some technical problems, and couldn’t process your payment to start the order for ‘be your singer for a 30 second demo of any genre’.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and suggest you try ordering this Gig again.

I did and no luck same message.
When I go to any help pages in Fiverr. You have to enter an order number. THERE IS NO ORDER NUMBER. BECAUSE THE ORDER IS NOT COMPLETE!!!
ANY IDEAS ??? I’ve been fiddling around like an idiot for the past 30 minutes.

I recently changed my credit card on Paypal because the old UK one expired last month and I replaced it with my UAE one. Are they not accepted?

Please talk to Customer Support about this. You may submit a ticket to them and they’ll look into the issue for you.

Did you get the issue fixed?
I have had very similar instance and never got a solution!

The thread is 2 years old. That user is no longer on Fiverr.