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I just wanted to share a Random Act of Kindness that another Fiverr member bestowed on me this morning. She hadn’t previously bought any of my gigs, but I’ve seen her posts on the forums, so her nickname was familiar. She offers good advice and is supportive of members and, unlike me, is never snarky! :wink: She gave me a Tip, just out of the blue, and totally made my day!

I’ve said many times that my experiences on Fiverr have mostly been very good, especially my interactions with other members. I’ve met so many super nice people, people buying my work as gifts for friends, loved ones, co-workers, family, roommates. I’ve had teachers buy some gigs to keep on their desks for their students to play with. Some have been given to special needs children and adults. My gigs have been birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, no-special-reason gifts, and that gives me such satisfaction. The feedback I get from my buyers is wonderful, almost worth money by itself! ~lol~ But as a struggling disabled single mom, I always need every bit of the actual money. So for this Fiverr member to give me a gift as she did is very meaningful, and extremely kind. I want to post this story of generosity because so often it seems like the forums are just full of gripes and complaints and stories of bad experiences. I just want to remind anyone who sees this that nice things happen, too~


Thank you, my friend~!

I’m the same way, the feedback keeps me going some days. People can be amazing and their positive actions cause a rippling effect. She was kind to you, you wrote a sweet post, I smiled :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you, kiss~! Hope you had a nice weekend, too!

I ate some fantastic lasagna and stayed out of the rain. I call it a win :slight_smile:

OMG the rain, right? At least my car didn’t collapse in a sink hole…did you see that video from Baltimore? Amazing!

I didn’t see it. But I guess you’re right, could have been worse! Our rains are just pushing up the daisies. Tulips. All that jazz :slight_smile: