Rapid Fall In Orders?


Ever since the new update I have had a rapid fall in orders, I used to be averaging about 5 orders per day and now ever since the new update I have not been recieving any orders or traffic? Does anyone have any clue why?


Did you suspend your more popular gigs (only see 1 rating on 1 gig).


Yes, my other gig is gone cause I no longer offer that service, but that gig had 4.7 star rating buy over 100 buyers and then the update hit and i didn’t recieve any orders.


Reply to @hoplite123: That would have an effect, with new unrated gigs it can take a while to get back on track. Maybe you could inform some of your old repeat clients that the old gig has been replaced and do a bit of promotion outside of fiverr.

I personally didn’t notice any change after the v3 update but on the other hand allot of my gig traffic come from other sources.


Are you serious mystic? On one Gig alone you have 11 orders in your queue. That’s not too shabby. Then again, if you were used to a heck of a lot more sitting there waiting to be filled, I guess you have cause for concern. I find that my Gigs will be quiet for a few days, and then, bam, I get orders, then it will go quiet again. I have to say that I do enjoy the down time as it lets me focus on other things without worrying that I have an order to fill here. Weekends for me seem to always be when people order. Not sure why.