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Rapid growth in freelance jobs due to COVID-19

In the second quarter of this year, the time between the period of April to June , job openings in the freelance sector increased by up to 25% when compared to the first quarter of the year.

When last year’s second quarter is being compared to this second quarter, the posting of freelance jobs has increased to 41% i.e. six hundred and five thousand according to the some reports.

Covid-19 is expected to strengthen the gig economy and rise in freelance projects. Demand for freelance jobs is on the rise as organizations get increasingly used to the virtual workplace and remote working, and in some cases, cutting fixed employee costs post the Coronavirus outbreak.

What are your views on this? Will this rise keep on increasing until a cure is found or is it just a temporary rise?


For me I think it will be a temporary rise since most people prefer the 9 to 5 job because of some benefits like using the companies car, house allowance and those sort of things.

Plus freelancing can sometimes be monotonous. Yes you will have flexibility, but working alone without any social contacts may lead to anxiety, mental illness and even it may affect your physical health.

I personally prefer freelancing since it gives me the chance to expand my skills by tackling different projects and working with different clients. Who you work for also determines your success.

If you have a good boss, you are most likely to become really good at what you do. Freelancing will give me the opportunity to work for different clients and satisfy different needs.

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COVID-19 has also caused a melt down to many countries economy. Countries like USA who used to outsource most of their work are also facing economic challenges and the rate of work they will outsource will decrease.

This is a tough year, but hopefully everything will turn back to normal. I really hate the new normal of wearing masks, limited travelling, and people dying every minute.

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Agree with that.
Hopefully we can soon going out without need to wear mask and breathe the fresh air freely again.

Agreed! We may see a change or a shift in the outsourcing of work from many countries. With trade and production being hampered due to various reasons, changes are bound to take place. Hopefully we get the cure quickly, if not the recent growth in freelance jobs might only increase with time as more and more people will prefer freelance over regular jobs.

I believe the gig economy will only increase further, regardless of any COVID cure. This trend had already begun long before the pandemic – years in fact. Fiverr was created in 2010, and freelancing was already a rising trend. I, myself, joined this site in 2014, and freelancing was very strong back then. The trend did not start with the pandemic, and it won’t end with a cure. At best, the pandemic is accelerating a trend that was already experiencing a steep rise.


I think the exponential growth will be temporary but it will definitely sensitize the whole world on long-distance work, collaborations and education permanently.