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Rapidly, How to increase my gig sales?

Hi guys,
I have tried my best to create an elegant, meaningful gig. I have expanded a lot of time for gig research and gig design. But, I am depressed, I am not getting expected sales. Where is the problem, I couldn’t find?

I am very hopeful from experience gig sellers.

Please check my gig and give me your valuable suggestion. 1

Thanks to all.


The reasons of why you don’t get any orders is that you are offering services for Design, file conversion, wordpress, etc… that most of the Sellers don’t have any experience in this category. It’s just that they think it’s easy money, but it is not.

Be creative, maybe you will find a fresh and not crowded category. You will get orders for sure, you just have to find yourself.


Actually I couldn’t understand, am I going in the right way?

What are you offering that is a better value proposition than the competition?

You have a huge competition.

Look at my example, I have studied graphic design, have a great experience with photoshop and when COVID hit in order to try to keep on my income I created a Fiverr account with around 5 photoshop editing, youtube thumbnail, photos retouching manipulation, etc, gigs and just for fun, I created a pixel art gig (Not so much experience there at all).

and right now my account is almost solely devoted to Pixel Art just because it is not overly populated.

What is that telling you?


Hmmm… I agree with you bro…

Have you tried reaching out to your target audience? That’s perhaps the only way you can outperform the competition, just by being there. I’m not saying you can get sales simply from promoting yourself on social media, you have to be there for the right person to choose you.

@ataur29 Optimize your gig again! but no edit!

How do you do that? I would like to learn

You can follow this article

But you are editing gig if you do that. :grin:

You could try to niche down? Like instead of saying you’ll design a logo, say you’ll design a certain style of logos or for a certain type of companies.

Yes :grinning: :grinning: