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Rate bad buyers (who haven't left you a review)


I think it’s a shame that you cannot rate a buyer if they choose not to leave your gig a review. I just finished up with a terrible buyer who did a lot of things wrong: requesting things never offered in my gig (even after I had delivered the work), extremely poor and confusing communication and finally abandoning the gig. It did time out automatically and I did get paid, thankfully. But it’s a shame that, without a review, he’s likely to do this to other vendors.


Just would really like if Fiverr could really allow us to see buyer’s reviews as well, it would really help us sellers a long way.


You are able to leave a review for the customer through the mobile app (after the order has been marked complete) however I have not seen this feature on the website. I’m not sure if the rating is posted on their profile, but I believe I remember seeing a seller’s review posted on my profile (this was a few months ago, though).

It is a shame when you are contacting a buyer who responses instantly, but disappears as soon as you deliver the order.

You could test this out next time an order is marked complete!


Count your blessings, my rating just went from 98% to 97% thanks to some buyer that gave me 3 stars. As far as I’m concerned, no reviews is better than bad reviews or faux positives (3-4 stars).


There should be visible buyer reviews just as seller reviews…I would love to know who I am doing business with…completely agree!!!


Ehhh, I dunno. Like Kay said, since there’s no way for anyone to see that review, there’s not really much point to leaving reviews for buyers that don’t review you. Also, wouldn’t that just prompt the buyer to come back and leave you a negative review? I’d much rather have no review and have to stew in my annoyance juices than do anything to encourage someone to leave me a negative review.


Couldn’t agree more with this, I hope more people agree and something gets done about this…


Yeah. Recently they were made visible on buyers’ profiles but don’t know if it affected the sales since sellers may have identified wolves.

Now we have to rely on our instincts :frowning:


Ah, I didn’t know that. Alright, that settles it then. Thank you!


The buyer reviews are not visible on their profile anyway. So this will not be useful.


Hi, I read in this thread and on others that you can now see reviews left by sellers on buyers’ profiles. However, I checked some buyers (including the ones I’ve left reviews for) and nothing shows on their profiles. Am I doing something wrong? Is there somewhere else I should be looking at?


I think buyers should have something next to their name that shows how many times they have tried to cancel an order after it was delivered. I don’t care about whether or not they leave reviews but if they are routinely trying to steal sellers work in this way that should be shown.


Yeah, sellers really need buyer reviews. Most buyers are great, but every once in a while there is someone who takes advantage of cancellations/modifications. It would be really nice to look up a quick history of their past orders, or at least be able to flag buyers.


The way I see it, if someone doesn’t like my work, I would rather have them say nothing than to lower my rating. I don’t think there is anything that says that you can’t tell your buyer that if they really liked your work to leave a great message because this is your livelihood, and tell them, “or please don’t leave a bad review because this is how I make my living.” See what I mean? So, feel lucky that they didn’t say anything as they be saving your rating this way.


Reply to @marta_m: For a brief period sometime earlier this year, sellers could see a buyer’s reviews on their profile page, like there are a collection of reviews underneath our gig listings on sellers’ profile pages. Fiverr took that away after a couple of days. I think most people in this thread actually said that you can’t see a buyers’ reviews anywhere (except for on a seller’s gig where that buyer has first left a review).


Reply to @acentius: On the mobile app you can review a buyer even if they haven’t reviewed you?


Reply to @emasonwrites: That’s what I’m able to do (using an iPhone 5S [in case this is a feature for iPhones?]). After receiving a notification marking the order as complete, you’re able to review the buyer before they reviewed you! This usually helps with what review they end up leaving you.


I also faced some bad review from buyer. Buyer order submitted and two time revision did. he satisfied with my design after that he was going offline and 3 day after auto complete. i was sent by message his source file and asked satisfaction also. But he gave 2.7 rate and bad review. How can run this with bad peoples. i’m so unconfortable. Now sales going down. Cause overall rate 4.6. :neutral_face:


If your rating is low, raise it by delivering great work in future orders that earn positive reviews. You have the power to improve your reputation as a seller.


Not all buyers are bad. If he was difficult during the process than means that he just wasn’t satisfied with some of your work or communication or something else. Everything you can do is just improve your service and never ask buyer for reviews, that might get you banned.