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Rate bad buyers (who haven't left you a review)


thanks, i’m new seller. other orders has great review. only one has bad review. that highly affected my rate. cause i current finished 8 orders. I’m asking also from cs. cause that issue not mine. Some peoples doing to ruin our selling.


Yes. not all. few buyers. overall good and friendly. before i dont know that review asking is going to banned. After that i know about this, i’m not did that.


No, just because you received a low rating does NOT mean that people are out to specifically “ruin your selling”. It just means that you delivered work that did not impress your buyer. Buyers are able to post any review they think best reflects their experience with you. Not all of your reviews will be 5.0 ratings.


Actually you can ask your buyers for a review, just not a good or a five star review, or say things like “please leave a review because it helps my business.”

Someone told me a seller in my category was telling her buyers that, and now she is banned.

Fiverr asks buyers to leave a review twice.


Totally! I feel bad for sellers having their work ripped off and it would be so much worse if it was a buyer who’s done it several times before but they just didn’t know.