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Rate/Help me improve my new art gig?

Hi! I posted my first detailed/larger art gig! Would love to know how it looks and such. Thank you so much for looking!!


hey bud! Loving the the art and style! However you need to lower your prices to gain clients as you dont have any reviews :frowning: . Clients are very dependent on reviews and trust, first build those and later aim for proper revenue :nerd_face:

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ah ok!! thank you so much!! I sold these on other platforms for higher before, but ill do just that for now! thank you!!

You have definitely quality in your art! I do not deny that!

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thank you so much!!! :smiley:

You don’t necessarily have to lower your prices to build a profile. Especially if the look/quality is there (which is the case here).

Unless the prices that are currently there were already lowered and the starting prices were, like, $100. In which case I agree.

Keep it reasonable, but don’t work for peanuts.

For my prices, I originally had 20, 30 and 40! Since my reference sheets would usually sell at $35 base price before, so I thought my originals were fine, but!! They’ve been changed to 15,25,30, though is that too low?

I think your prices are completely reasonable. I’d raise them a bit to see how it goes. I wasn’t the one suggesting you lower your prices.

awesome! thank you so much!!