Rate It Please!




Your link doesn’t actually link to the gig.

I’d say proofread it a bit more. If you’re a translator, you gotta have near-perfect/perfect grammar.


As somaginer1996 said, you should proofread your description. You should also change the description of the service (under “Basic”) from “WonderfulOffer” to something that will entice people to buy.


Us “rating your gig” will do nothing to make you a better seller. Start with the excellent advice by @sydneymorgan and @somaginer1996 and go from there.

Your gig is YOUR responsibility. It is not our responsibility to make your gig awesome. YOU can do that by taking your gigs seriously, and managing your gigs as if they were a business. Right now… you’re not doing that, and that may be why you aren’t gaining the success you seek.