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Hello, I have been selling on fiverr for about 35 days now. I made my first sale 6 days after publishing my first gig. However, the buyer did not leave any feedback and I haven’t made any sales since. I have received few messages but most of the time I’m asked to offer some crazy deals (I already offer $5 services). Can somebody please check out my profile and review my gigs? Honest reviews will be appreciated.

I read somewhere on the forum that posting multiple gigs under the same category might boost sales.

Gig 1
Gig 2

Thank you :slight_smile:


Can you post a link to the gig/s you want people to look at?

Sorry I’m new to the forum. I’ll link the gigs at the end of this message and a third one in the following message. I read somewhere on the forum that posting multiple gigs in the same category may increase sales.

Gig 1
Gig 2

Gig 3

You have not share any gig link.

Sorry I’m new here, I’ve posted the links now.

You gig is OK but both are same some kind. You use same images in both gigs.

Yes, I’ve tried with different cover images. Both gigs are under the same category. Thanks for the review.

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I would say trying using the word ‘sketch’ or ‘drawing’ in your gig title. They might be popular searches. Perhaps ‘I will create a life like portrait sketch’ or ‘I will create a sketch drawing of a portrait photo’

I would suggest changing the photos from the gigs because from what I can see it looks like you draw these portraits on top of a photo just like adding a snapchat effect maybe this is the reason the buyer you got did not leave a review
Try to create a portrait from 0 if you have the necesarry hardware ( a graphic tablet maybe ) if you dont then i suggest getting one you can find as cheap as 30$ to be able to start as an artist on fiverr
And higher your prices because if you work more your work will be more valuable

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Firstly, I clearly understand why somebody would think that, as a lot of these gigs are just straight one click photoshop actions. However, I actually do these drawings from zero.

Coming back to topic, I have indeed tried using different photos but that doesn’t seem to work. So I’m now trying with videos. It’ll take a few days to make fresh pictures for time lapse videos. The first buyer seemed like a nice guy (which I’m sure he is) but he asked me to draw from a very old and worn out photo of him as a toddler, so it surely wasn’t my best. But he looked pretty satisfied. I told him that I couldn’t recover the shirt and he asked me to give it a try and draw just as much as visible. We had had a conversation before the final delivery and I showed him the drawing before making some final touches, but after that he never responded. I’ll link the images here.

Okay man so i got fooled like any other potenial client can get
The video Ideea is great I want to suggest to do a timeleapse , a speeddrawing video presentation for those portraits where you record your tablet screen for 1 hour or how much the work it takes and make it fast so that people can see how you build those portraits from 0 to the end in just 1 minute video presentation
I think this will help a lot with increasing orders because exactly how i got foolled and I belived it was 1 click action in photoshop this is also what a potential buyer might believe
and by the way the portrait looks good and professional i will also suggest include this photo in your gig with before and after comaration

I’ll add this picture too then, thanks.

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