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Rate my Gig and tell me what I should improve

Hi there!

My Gig worked really fine last month… But recently I’ve got no new orders, my stats are heavily decreasing and I don’t know what to do fight against that

Thank you for your time!

Please see (IMG) point 2:

As for the gigs, you state that you’re a professional, but using the emoji in your descriptions counters that image. Likewise, as titles, spelling out the words one, three, and five looks more professional in both the package titles and gig description.

I only skimmed, but I didn’t see any mention of what a revision includes or doesn’t include. (Please see (FAQ) 1, 2, and 3 in the link.)

The emojis are a new thing I wanted to try out. All my gigs didn’t have any emojis in the past. But when more than 2 weeks passed without a new order I decided to try new things.

Fair enough, though it doesn’t seem to have worked long-term. Guess it’s time to try something else.