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Rate my gig on a scale of 1-10

Hey! All I am very to Fiverr can anyone can you guys rate my GIG on a scale of 1-10 with reason please…

  1. You say this is an “organic” gig but this isn’t organic work at all.

It’s pretty clear you’re just going to artificially inflate Likes, comments, etc. That’s the opposite of organic. Likes and other engagements mean nothing unless they are genuine and on-target.

Either people are buying Likes and comments from you or you’re making promises you can’t possibly make and provide no evidence you would know how to do.

So it’s misleading and sketchy-looking either way.

People succeed on social media because of great content that their audience wants, not because they hired a company to get people to Like and comment on their posts.

The image your using is good, but the text you added to it is not. The only other positive I see is that you don’t include unlimited revisions.
I don’t see anything else that’s any good.

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Hello, there
First of all I don’t sell likes and comments!
There are tons of accounts on Instagram do those things but I don’t…
I have an Instagram page called ************** Which is more than 85k+ followers you can dm me and I’ll reply you asap🥱
I know how to make posts posts viral, how to tackle difficulties on Instagram like shadow banned and etc, which is now I am facing!!! How to use Hashtags Strategy, How to apply story strategy how to and when to apply alt text!
Because I have pretty good experience in this field.

So before commenting anything you should think little bit

Mod Note: instagram link removed.

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Thank you :pray:t2: I’ll try to make it better

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200% engagement cannot be guaranteed.
Your gig descriptions need to clearly differentiate what perks are part of which package. (If a buyer is confused and there are other options, they’ll likely go to those other options, rather than take the time to puzzle out what you’re offering.)
Fiverr allows three images per gig, maybe add more?
Always check your gig thumbnails from your profile. The text (size and/or color) needs to be readable. The image has been cropped a bit.
There are several English errors in this gig and your profile.
Consider adding your native language to your profile as ‘Native/Bilingual’


And yet this information isn’t in the gig.

I don’t know what ‘shadow banning’ is, but offering this service sounds like something that would be against Instagram’s TOS, which would therefore be against Fiverr TOS.

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Thank you so much Mam
I was confused what to insert where and which will texts will be visible to buyers and etc
And I really appreciate that you took your valuable time from and told me some of very essential things which I needed to know
Thanks again😊

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You shouldn’t brag as much when it comes to the IG account you own.

A quick audit reveals that it was something you most likely purchased and not built, plus the engagement rate is below average.

It’s an account on the decline.


Ohh but I am not offering those kinds of services
I was just saying what the things I know😅
And so many brands page’s on Instagram face this kind of issues…
So I was just explaining what I know

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Yup it’s below average now because I am facing issue from Instagram from past 3 months
You can check out my posts before 3 months I guess you’ll get bit idea

Well then maybe you can’t offer growth services when you can’t manage your own account?

Just a suggestion, no judgment.

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Thank you for the suggestion but if my account get back to normal in few days! Then I can offer those services?
Man Experience matters, Strategy matters!!
Still I can apply my experience, strategies to grow Instagram accounts
Can’t I?

That’s why I said “either” you’re selling engagements or you are promising something you can’t possibly promise. It’s problematic either way.

And your personal following proves nothing. It doesn’t mean you achieve success even for yourself, let alone for clients. I somehow doubt you grew that following organically, anyway… And like I said, you can’t promise what you’re promising. I have a lot of Twitter followers and get a lot of Retweets. Does that mean I can do that for clients? No. I could never project that. There are many factors, most of which I couldn’t control. It’s about content and community engagement people want. You should know that. In any case, vanity metrics aren’t a measurement of success. Strong social media professionals emphasis relationships, not vanity metrics.

I’m not sure why you asked for a rating and explanation for it if that’s not actually what you want.

Your gig looks sketchy. You can refute that if you want, but the appearance of sketchiness prevents sales regardless if it actually is sketchy. Impressions dictate actions.

Maybe don’t ask for an opinion if you don’t actually want it.

You’re saying you will do something that you can’t possibly promise because it’s not possible to project or make blanket statements like that and because most of the factors involved are out of your control. So you’re either going to engage artificially or you’re promising something you can’t promise. Which is it?

By your definition you can get someone fantastic authentic engagements regardless of the quality of their content or the suitability for its audience or the credibility of the client. That’s not possible.


Their Fiverr forum post is awfully similar to what they seem to think a good IG post is.

Either that or they are really insecure about their offering.

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I think people just don’t like honesty.

Everyone wants to think that if you have a high following on social media, that means you can promise a bunch of things. You can’t force people to be engaged. Fiverr is full of social media gigs promising vanity metrics. None of them focus on targeting or strategy.


Yep, you are right in many ways
But I was promising because I worked for few companies and those strategies worked!
But you are right I should not promise those things
Which is uncontrollable

I scored great on Scrabble today. That doesn’t mean I can promise I’ll score great at every game regardless of the other players and the letters I have. No one would take me seriously if I promised that.

Okay, thank you🙏🏻
Can you suggest me how can I make my gig looks Authentic and attractive?

No because, as I explained, I find what you’re offering inherently problematic.

I don’t support people paying to increase engagements, regardless if they are authentic or not. It’s not a good investment of people’s money.