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How could I improve it?


Has anybody else had a drastic increase in impressions?

I love your videos/voiceovers. I wish there was something that I could or need to get done!!

Best of luck to you.

¡Buena suerte!


Amazing video man! loved it


Woah! Thanks, Gina! You’ll always know where to find me :smiley:


I have the same feeling as @gina_riley2, I wish I could use it somewhere, because it is so good. Sounds really crisp, and I’m using an amp with 32 ohm speakers.

I think the video introduction “you might have heard my voice before” could have been at the start of the video because if this video is shared on a non-Fiverr platform, it will be a few seconds before the listeners figure out that they are listening to someone’s portfolio.


10! It looks really professional. It’s rare to see such premium looking content on fiverr.


Thanks for that! I also considered it, might take a different approach in regards to the video structure.


You Dont Need To Improve It Its The Best Of I’ve Ever Seen