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Rate my updated gig

I recently updated it and would like feedback on what works and what doesn’t, i really appreciate it!


Unlimited revisions are NEVER a good idea.


Thanks for the response

Revisions always confuse me as im am unsure on what counts as a revision. For example, if they ask me to change the colour of the text, is that a revision?

Also, how many revisions do you suggest i include in each package?

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Your gig video is disturbing. I hope you know which part I’m referring to because I really don’t want to quote or screen capture something so vile and inappropriate.

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Revisions are for the purpose of if the client wants you to change something so yes change the colour of text is a revision as the client is telling you change something, I would suggest you have 2 or 3 revision, you can even add extra revisions for a certain price

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Revisions are when you deliver the order but the buyer wants something changed so they request a revision. Unlimited revisions isn’t good, because the buyer can keep asking for revisions over and over so they can get you to cancel the order so they can keep the money and the completed project.

I would say a maximum of 10 revisions.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: :wink:


Cheers guys thanks for the replies!


why it’s not a good idea. Every seller wants to achieve buyer satisfaction but why is it not good.

Click the arrow in my post for the dropdown, or follow the link for full explanation.

“I have a Buyer I’ve been working for over the past two years. He ordered my $5 Gig where I provide unlimited revisions because I believe in giving 100% customer satisfaction. I’ve made about 500 revisions for him so far. I’m so glad that I offer unlimited revisions because I know I’m going to get a 5-Star review from this client once he decides that I’ve done enough work for him.”

Said no one ever.

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