"Rate Now" button still appears even after rated


Hello mate.

I have been notice “Rate Now” is still appearing on my dashboard however I have rated buyer. I have jumped on order page several times but I see I had already rated and my feedback is exist there. Can anybody else facing this issue?


I also faced this. I went to my review , then I got an option “modify your review” I edited and save it (without changing anything) >> then Notification alert gone :wink:


It happened to me also for the past couple of days… I simply X it… The review and my reply are there after :slight_smile:


@tarique_jsr There was a glitch for an hour or two, people couldn’t send messages, see delivered orders, nothing, or could only do it with a huge delay.

It seems that they have fixed the issue, so you can try again. If it still doesn’t work, you may wish to contact Customer Support.


catwriter I think you are right. I am having some other issue too. When I delivered completed work it doesn’t appear and still it says work delivered. I have delivered work 3 times :slight_smile:


I had this happen too when I tried to deliver. It disappeared like I never delivered it.

I tried three times and it finally showed as delivered with all the work on the order page.