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RATE NOW (trying to review a gig ordered)

Hey all,

In the last 3 days I been trying to review a gig ordered and received successfully by seller but it has been impossible to rate it using either the “Rate Now” button or (Order Delivery. Please Review).

Doe’s any one knows what is going on or any advice for this problem?



I had someone leave me positive feedback and one hour later it turned into a thumbs down, and the buyer likes me so much she is posted a message about it on her profile page saying I’m a wonderful person and very happy with my work and did not leave me negative feedback!

Hi @verondemand, you sure do persevere! Good for you. There is another thread also posted today which is similar to yours, so perhaps there is a technical issue around the feedback function. The other poster is a seller who is unable to respond to feedback she received.

If you’re willing to do so, this probably would need to be brought to the attention of customer service, which means filing a report or ticket. If you’ve never done so before, you can click on the links at the bottom of any page to get started. Quick & dirty way, though, is to write to telling them in general terms what’s going on, and they can advise you better.