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Rated 1 star after getting up the bed to work at 1am

I am so mad right now but I know all I can do is rant and it will be over.

Client needed a translation job but referred me to his main website, instead of sending a document. Some buyers are just lazy, I know that. So I did the work for him.
Sent him my standard offer (where my delivery will be in 2 days), he said he needed it soon as possible. Okey. Added $5 for express delivery. He didn’t accept it until 1am.
Because I understood his urgency, I got up my bed to do it for him. Sent over. He said thank you. I said good night. Popped back to bed.
Got up in the morning to a message sent at 3am saying I did not do another part of it. As I was turning on my computer to take a look at it, I got rated 1 star saying ‘not up to my expectation’.


This job isn’t costing me much so I don’t want to spend too much energy getting angry because I can’t do anything (or can I?) I am/should just gonna get over it, by ranting over here.

Thanks for your reading!


i agree that some buyer are just lazy. they don’t response in time

You have all the power. If the client refuses to send you a document, you can cancel the order.

If he refuses to give you an extension, cancel the order.

I know that we’re penalized for cancellation, but look at the numbers:
90% vs. 4.8 (96%) Would you rather be at 100% and have a 4.7 60-day rating? That gets you demoted.


Thanks for the input.

When “client refuses to send a document, cancel the order”, does that mean I have to state somewhere in my gig (other than mentioning to him) that I only start work upon getting a document?

I always think it will only be ‘arguable’ or legit if I state it in my gig so that when I get complained, I can point to CS that it’s simply because they did not read the description carefully. But in fact, I’m not sure if that would work.

And how do buyers give an extension? Like through message or there is a button he could press somewhere…?

Yes, I totally understand and have cancelled jobs before. I’d rather that too, instead of suffering over the ratings.

You can put it on the gig description or in the gig requirements, something like. “Put everything that needs to be translated in a word document.”


“To save time, I require the copy to be translated on a word document.”

You can even write something like this in the lead of your gig description.

“I will translate the copy in your document from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.”

I prefer cancellations to bad review. However, always check the buyer’s history if he messages you. I once had a buyer reject my work twice, which ended up in cancellation. The third time, I simply asked him to never order again. He was offended, but complied.


how can you check a buyers history.

I have one potential buyer but from the messages we have exchanged my gut is say don’t do it!

I meant the history they’ve had with you. When you get a message, chances are he’s already ordered from you so you want to see what happened.

Buyer: BuyerName (View History) February 25, 2018

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