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Rated Order 78% < How I Can Increases This


Some Buyer’s Are Not Leaving Feedback…Even I Can;t Force Them To Review…Due To This MY ORDER RATE is decreasing day by day :frowning:

Do You Have Any Good Ideas To Get Back On Good Order Rating ?


I’m not sure it’s affecting your order rate. Everybody has similar rated order stats.


78 percent is quite good i think :slight_smile:


But There Is No Order…And I Think It’s Happening due to order rate :frowning:



December can be a slow month for lots of freelancers. Christmas is around the corner. Black Friday has recently come and gone. Heating bills are suddenly going through the roof. People and businesses probably don’t have as much free cash as they did earlier on in the year.


I have only 72% rated order :frowning:


72% is great … I have 52% but from 20.000 orders


festival month is going now you know.