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Rated Order Percentage

rated order %

Hello I’ve noticed that my rated orders percentage has dropped too much. I have read the TOS and it clearly states that asking for a positive feedback is against the rules, nowhere it says that asking for just feedback based on the buyer’s experience is against the rules. Also there is much confusion on the forum about asking for feedback. I’d be glad if I can get some advice from any senior sellers here on the forum.

Also I think the drop is basically because many sellers to whom I delivered order were new and had no previous experience of using Fiverr. Another reason might be I had to extend the delivery time when I had too many orders and after a certain time, a buyer just forgets about the order he placed, and when the delivery is done, he/she just accept the delivery and move on.

Looking for suggestions on how can I improve this statistic.


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It is not allowed to ask for any kind of review, feedback, comment or anything else with respect to reviews. This isn’t specified in the TOS, but there are many, many posts here about warnings for this. Don’t do it.

Reviews are entirely at the discretion of the buyer.

The review percentage doesn’t matter. What matters is reviews need to stay over 4.7.


There is no confusion. Do not ask for a feedback.
Fiverr already reminding buyers two times to leave a review so there is no need for you to send another message asking for a feedback.


73% is pretty good! Only about 65% of my clients leave feedback. If you’re getting paid and getting orders, that’s the most important thing.


I think the percentage matters in a manner that the more reviews you have on your account, the more likely your chances are of getting the order. I think a very small numbers of buyers try to go with the new sellers on this platform. Greater number of reviews leads to more authentication.

Yes, the number of reviews count … but the percentage doesn’t.

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That maybe true. But I’ve also seen the posts where CS said that the seller can ask for a feedback, just make sure that the seller is not trying to manipulate the buyer into providing a positive feedback.

I had around 85% few days ago, but since I had so many orders at that time, I made the delivery time extension request but after the delivery was made, only few buyers left the review.

Did you see screenshots of it?

But please, by all means, you can try it and you’ll tell us if you’ll get a warning or not.


I don’t know if you’re being serious or ironic. Either way I like it.

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The simple rule is don’t ask for feedback.

Buyers are automatically reminded by Fiverr to leave feedback, so they’ve already had a nudge. If they don’t act on that, then so be it.

It’s perfectly normal for some buyers (in my experience about a third) not to leave feedback.

I usually hover around 65-70%, although I have a couple of regulars who don’t leave reviews but place multiple orders per week. The extra reviews would definitely help, though!

Anyone have a similar situation?

It took me 2 years to go from 76 to 77%. It’s either a monumental achievement or the opposite of that. :slight_smile:


I have a couple regulars that order several times a month and never leave a review. I don’t really care. They’re polite and easy to work with!