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Rated orders 67%

I delivered 15 orders successfully but I got just 10 reviews!
Is it normal or harmful to the profile?


Perfectly normal, why would it be harmful? Nobody has to rate anything. 67% sounds about average. Btw, I curiously also have exactly 67% rated orders, from over 200 completed. Seeing as I was invited to be Pro and then got Top Rated, it’s pretty safe to assume the review % is not relevant for anything.


No its not harmful, you cannot force buyers to leave a review


Thanks a lot, boss. I was worried about that.

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Thanks a lot. I didn’t force, anyone, till now.

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One of my regular client stop order with me, because i ask him every time to leave a review,
i complete 67 orders for him, and give me just 7 reviews out of 67

Very sad, Thanks for sharing. It will be helpful for me.

So you harassed your buyer on 67 different occasions to the point where you lost him as a client? Surely, you should’ve taken the hint by the 10th time?

This is against ToS, and you’re lucky he hasn’t reported any of those 67 times.