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Rated Orders = 73%

Is 73% normal? I felt it was less than that until I saw the stat in my dashboard. I used to send follow up emails asking for feedback but now I think they can be annoying. What’s the proper etiquette?
Thanks in advance

This topic has been discussed quite a few times and I believe majority of buyers found it annoying. Personally, I find it really annoying :slight_smile:

73% is not bad. However, it depends on your service, clients, communication frequency etc.
At the beginning mine was 85%, but now it’s closer to 70% because repeat clients are less likely to leave feedback. By now I have enough good reviews that I don’t care about it that much.


Excuse me, it’s a mistake

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that’s what I thought, I don’t ask anymore, but sometimes I work too long for little money and not even get a review…

@best696164 I think you’re thinking of the wrong statistics, buddy.

I generally don’t follow up, since I’m naturally suspicious of people and I feel like asking them for reviews might also make them give a less favorable one. I do feel like it’s acceptable to include a short tagline in each delivery that touches on it, but doesn’t force it.


Excuse me, it’s a mistake

You are confusing what the OP is asking. He is asking about the % of buyers who leave feedback. That is not a metric that you can really control, and it is not included in the level reviews.