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Rated Orders Percentage Dropping

Hey guys, Please guide me about rated orders % mine is 93%.
What is your rated orders percentage? Can we ask buyers to leave a review, can I message them specifically regarding reviews?Is it against TORs? I am little worried that mine is going lower day by day I am not sure what impact this has on my profile as a seller? Anyone who can thoroughly answer or share any article regarding rated orders %.

Thank you :slight_smile:


93% is a great number! I’ve completed over 2,200 gigs, and my ratio is 73%. I suspect many longtime sellers have numbers that are fairly similar. There’s always going to be a certain number of buyers who won’t leave ratings (even if they’re happy with what you delivered).

When orders are marked “Complete” automatically and no rating was left, I will often message buyers (if they’re new buyers and not someone I’ve worked with before) and say “Hi, a recent order of yours was marked Complete… I wanted to be sure you loved it since I didn’t see any rating. I’m always striving for 5-star quality and excellent customer service. If you need anything else, let me know! Thanks! :)”

This way, I’m not pestering them or saying “Hey! Please leave a review!”…I’m following up on the order to make sure they were happy with it. Many times, the buyer simply forgot to leave a rating, and will go back and do so right away. (They’ll often send a message back, saying “Hey, sorry, I forgot to review! Great work! Thank you!” or something like that.)

But again, no matter what you do, you’re not going to have 100% rated orders. So don’t worry about it too much. :slight_smile: Provide great service, communicate with your buyers professionally, and you’ll get good ratings and overall numbers. That’s all you can control.


Thank you so much so reply. I learned how to message buyers for review, so far my style is " Can you please leave a review on completed order? " Looks so weird to me now as I see your excellent message! I have to copy yours :slight_smile: Once again thanks for the guidance.

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You’re welcome! Be sure to change the wording slightly to make it your own, so that it’s an expression of your personality. Glad to be helpful! All the best! :slight_smile:


Yeah sure! I will change the words I love your style, seems a follow-up message of completed order! Thank you so much :slight_smile: Best wishes too!

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If there is talk of rating, will there be any problem?