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Rating a cancelled gig



I’m a long time Fiverr buyer and usually I have no issues.

However, I had a few gigs where the seller did not deliver the work on time, did not deliver at all or just delivered lousy work.

The solution on the seller’s end was simple: you just cancel the gig.

The problem is: As a buyer, I just got a bad experience and I’d like to have an option to rate that seller so other people will be aware of their behavior.

Sellers can just over book themselves and only deliver the things they want while giving bad service to others.

As a user, the feeling of waiting 5 days for something and then getting nothing is just BAD. and on top of that: none of the clients after me will see that feedback.


The short answer is you’re only able to leave feedback for gigs that have completed the correct process, if they are cancelled with by force, mutual or admin the feedback screen is locked.




Not something that should be implemented in my opinion. There are plenty of buyers out there that ask for more than the gig will provide or don’t give you all the information that you need. If you don’t do the gig and cancel then these people would be able to leave you negative feedback because they didn’t do something right,yet it reflects poorly on the seller.


I feel your pain. I paid for a gig which was supposed to be completed in 24 hours. More than 24 hours and I am still waiting. After 24 hours, sent a request to seller requesting a status. No response or acknowledgement from seller. Since the gig was to do a voice over for a rush telephone campaign, I selected the seller primarily because of the promised 24 hour turnaround. Now, I guess I have to order from another seller which really screws up the completion date of my project. This seller really sucks. When a seller does not deliver within the time promised, other potential buyers should be forewarned.


NO! :open_mouth:

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Reply to @extraadvance: You have to remember that there are factors which could hamper speedy delivery. For example, at the moment I have a four day turnaround for some articles (fast option) now the problem is, if I get 10 of these in a day then I will be unable to complete them all on time unless I really push myself. In addition to this, if something comes up in life then again it is difficult to complete on time no matter how hard I want to. Most people don’t use fiverr as their only income, which means some people need to be given the benefit of the doubt. It just isn’t always possible to stick to promises!


I understand everyone’s points – but what is the purpose of a rating system – if only perfect scores are allowed – There is a reason suppliers get their gigs cancelled and there is a reason for support refunding money –

I am always understanding about late delivery – I have 4 gigs right now that are over 3 weeks late – but you know what – the seller has stayed in touch with me and has asked me numerous times if I want a refund — He is having problems with the software he uses – No problem – and I would told say that in the review – and that I would use him again — and in fact, am getting ready to place a couple more orders with him – even though he has not delivered the first ones yet

On the other hand, I have this other jerkoff ( username fragglesrock) — who sold me 9,000 facebook likes – my customers facebook likes went to 10,800 but now they sit at 2200 – and my customer now is furious at me ---- and I will probably lose the customer — and the jerkoff (usename fragglesrock) I ordered them from – refuses to respond – 7 requests for repair or status – not one response

Now support refunded my money -- but support could not save the loss of revenue that a customer provides now that they have left --- yet this guy acted totally irresponsibly - his actions affect everyone who sells on fivver, and fiver itself -- and If I was a seller who busts butt to deliver orders on time -- I would be furious -- this guy ruins every ones reputation and has the same rating as the person who does deliver and who does respond and treats his customers with respect --- Not letting people rate people who do not deliver is ludicrous --- if there was a rating system -- I might still have my customer ---

If you are worried about bad negatives -- then Fiver can always institute an area where you can give an explanation or your side of the dispute --

But allowing people like ( username fragglesrock) to operate with an almost perfect score who does not even respond to customers who have problems -- is ruining this service for everyone ---

I will not use this service again knowing that the rating service is useless and has no meaning ---- I will only use people who I have already used, or one of my friends recommends -- so that means all the other people have no chance to get my business --

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mindset said: On the other hand, I have this other jerkoff ( username fragglesrock) --- who sold me 9,000 facebook likes -- my customers facebook likes went to 10,800 but now they sit at 2200 -- and my customer now is furious at me ---- and I will probably lose the customer

Consider what you sold your customer though. Your client is obviously not educated enough to understand this, but they thought they would be getting actual people to like their page and purchase their products. I assume you know better and realize what you gave them are fake likes, which are a complete waste of money. Just as this seller is negatively affecting fiverr, you are negatively affecting everyone who does social media marketing. So stop whining...


I think what the sellers are forgetting here, is that without us buyers there would be no FIVERR… I used to buy between 15 and 20 gigs a week and now I don’t… Why because the sellers now are so damm unreliable… And as a buyer you have no idea until it happens to you… And if I am working to deadlines for my customers and the seller doesn’t produce then its me that looks bad… I don’t blame the sellers I blame FIVERR for hiding this from buyers, and because of this Great Sellers are missing out on work and FIVERR are missing out, because I have now taken the majority of my business elsewhere… Feedback should be about feedback from the PURCHASE and not what was delivered… YOU DON’T DELIVER ON TIME… THEN YOU SCREWED UP… AND THE FEEDBACK SHOULD SHOW THAT…


So a seller’s review and average delivery time is not to be taken seriously? I’ve had a seller who did not deliver on time. She didn’t actually respond ever (not even to my friendly request for an estimate when she would be able to deliver). Eventually I cancelled.

Does this affect her avg. delivery in any way (which is still 7hours, unchanged)? I can imagine sellers actually ignoring buyers if they’re somehow late in order to not influence their positive rating.


Reply to @bachas85: I don’t see an option to leave negative feedback, or feedback at all.

iivvoo said: I don't see an option to leave negative feedback, or feedback at all

You won't see the option to leave the feedback if you cancel. When cancelling because the order has gone late, automatic feedback is left. It simple states "cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time" or something along those lines.