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Rating a negative review LIKE A BOSS!

Hey there,

I have a gig with almost 7000 positive reviews, and only 4 negative. Actually now it’s 5.

Days ago a buyer which I worked several times asked me to do a work. I was charging him $10 (for 2 images to get worked), but since it was quick, I dropped the price to $5 (because he asked for).

After giving a hand and dropping the price, I delivered the order in about 30 minutes.

BUT, like he didn’t sent me all the information necessary, I thought I was doing something good, and worked 1 extra version for each of the 2 files to get worked. Understand that 1 of these 2 versions would work.

Guess what? The buyer complained for having too many files delivered. :thinking: AND, beside of this, asked me to cancel the order :expressionless:

Of course I didn’t cancelled the order, because it was successfully delivered. Then he sent me a review, BUT, while I was writing a “Thank you review”, I received the following message:

"You’re a punk…I wrote a review about this experience. I have been using Fiverr for over 2 years and this has been the worst experience I have had. I made sure that others who may want to use you read that too! I want to warn them."

I would usually be sad for getting a negative review, but I can’t stop laughing. I can’t believe this is real!

Getting a negative review for exceeding the order requirement, just to make sure the buyer would get the proper files in time to do his stuff? Also, after cutting the price 50%.

Anyway, the good part of this, after this new review system, I’m glad the buyer offended me INBOX, so I was sure the review was negative, and I could properly explain what happened, and avoid to look dumb with a “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” review after getting a negative one.

Honestly, a negative review never made me so happy :rofl:


just went straight to your account and found that bad review. LOL
sometimes we cant really understand what people want even after giving them the best out of the best :joy:


The new review system is actually still funny to me.

It will make sellers to look stupid in the eyes of potential buyer’s.


It has been happening all around! Before review we were at least not scare like if user even gave bad review as we could explain but now we say thank you! It really is bad because users will think that they really want just money.

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Yes there are some buyers have they are really annoying sometime. After accomplish the project perfectly they don’t want to give you the good feedback. It’s not about work it’s all about their characteristics. Who like negative feedback? Any way I think it’s doesn’t bother you so much. you have a lot of positive review.

Yes…, this blind reviews have some benefit for seller to anticipate scam buyer…,
If we got a bad buyer…, they won’t able to leave 1 star reviews unless we also give their feedback

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I don’t think so. What I have understood is that if you don’t write your review within 10 days, you won’t be able to leave a review later but the review left by the buyer will be displayed on you gig page.


If you had said this, you would have been banned. I hope that you reported this buyer to CS.


we all sellers believe in our work and when we deliver our work knowing that out customer will happy with this so after completing order from buyer we guess our customer will happy of our work and we left 5 star as i say we believe in our work because we fulfill all out skills to make customer happy and in return we receive such a review because of blind review system. its disgusting…:sob:

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OH NO! I got free stuff! Unacceptable :rage::rage::rage::-1:


50% discount on a $10 order with 30min delivery. There’s a red flag right there :slight_smile:

Anyway, your case is a perfect example why the new review feature sucks. No idea where Fiverr is going with it.


Weeellll … recently, I needed a new pair of jeans. When I’d paid, the girl at the cash desk took a small rack from under the desk presenting me with a choice of differently coloured … uhh … fuzzy things on a keychain, which I was supposed to choose one from for free and proceeded to try to convince me to take one even after I said I don’t need any of those. They were unacceptable. :eyes: :smile:

Though, of course, I’d not have rated her badly for that if a shop person had presented me with a rating form then, especially considering that most probably the shop had motivated her to do so. :wink:


after new update reviews are like

buyer - 1 star poor experience waste of money

sellers - 5 star outstanding experience :rofl::rofl:


Yeah. .:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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This made me laugh as well

First thing I did :smiley:

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just did that because it was my 9th with him and also was a really quick work. Took me 5 mins to work actually

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That is terrible, but at least the bad review is drowning in a sea of happy customers.

I have seen a review that went the other way:

Buyer: 5-stars, “great results, would work with again”
Seller: 1-star, “totally unacceptable experience”

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I have 3 of this kind on my gigs. I have prepared the 4th but the buyer has not left a review so, I am obliged to keep silence!
I never hesitate to give 1 star if the buyer deserve 0 star!
But compared with what you have posted, I explained in details what happened with the buyer (had to report him to CS, asking for free job, threatening me, TOS violation…).


Serious question from a buyer’s point of view - how do you decide if a buyer is worthy of 5 stars or 1 please?

From my point of view, if I pay and give the seller the info they need then I’ve done my bit - why would I be worthy of less than 5 stars? If I ask for a revision if I’m entitled to one, should I be deducted a star because I’ve asked for something I’ve paid for?

Who decides, and what is it based on?

Added - I’m firmly of the belief that if the seller wants to rate a buyer anything less than 5 stars, then it should go to CS for them to decide if it should be less than 5 stars, and how many, and indeed write the feedback comment.

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