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Rating a seller

Mybseller canceled my gig with less then 2 minutes to go and I’d like to be able to provide a review so that others don’t fall into a similar trap and get hooked by this seller

Sorry, it’s not possible on Fiverr. You can’t review something that was cancelled (except for the automated 1 star review that gets created if an order was very late and the buyer selected to cancel it).

Though note that the seller will have a lower completion rate due to the cancellation which could affect their level.

Also, surely they can only request cancellation - don’t you have the option of declining it if you really need the work done and if it’s possible for the seller to do?

Hello, I’m so sorry that happened to you! You can’t leave a review unfortunately. All you can do is try to choose a better seller next time. I know how terrible this is for you. You have my sympathy. It’s a gamble sometimes to make a purchase, but you can do some careful reading of reviews, number of reviews, seller level, gig description, asking some questions of the seller before purchasing, and put it all together to come up with as good a decision about who to hire as possible.