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Rating change method for buyer

Buyer gave me rating of 4.3 by considering it a good rating… I discussed with him that if there any issue with delivery then I will fix that but he is satisfied and want to change ranting to a good one. Please tell me the method that how he can change the rating? because he does not know and I too.


There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review with a buyer.

Always best just to leave it and move on.


Actually its never a good idea to discuss rating with a buyer its against TOS of fiverr.

so if your buyer or you contacts CS regarding rating you will receive our first warning

i think its better to move on


Oh I didn’t know that. thank you for telling. what should I do now as I have discussed.

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your buyer will always have an option to report you for that text of you discussed about review. And if its not noticed by Fiverr and not reported by buyer your safe .Any ways don’t repeat this.All the Best


Thank you sooooo sooooo much for guiding as I’m at peak of getting order and moving up and I only have 1 warning left… I don’t want to lose my account. I got 2 warnings before mistakenly… this could be the 3rd time… Thank you.


That was so close :smiley:


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


I’m having a heart-attack. :fearful:


you should really go through fiverr TOS to avoid anything unexpected you dont want to happen in future.


I read the TOS about 20 days ago thoroughly. but I think I forget this . but Many thank to all of you.

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thank you soooo much for sharing this.


The way you write communicates so much.

You wouldn’t have got two warnings mistakenly. It was your failure to understand the rules which directly led to your two warnings.

Your third breach - trying to coerce a buyer into changing a review - merely reinforces the above.


It is a great rating.

If your buyer complains about this or CS catches wind of this, expect a swift and just ban from them.

I think you should stop playing loose with the Terms of Service.


Also let me make sure you also focus on this part of the ToS since you skimmed through it:

Authentic Fiverr Profile - You may not create a false identity on Fiverr, misrepresent your identity, create a Fiverr profile for anyone other than yourself (a real person), or use or attempt to use another user’s account or information; Your profile information, including your description, skills, location, etc., while may be kept anonymous, must be accurate and complete and may not be misleading, illegal, offensive or otherwise harmful. Fiverr reserves the right to require users to go through a verification process in order to use the Site (whether by using ID, phone, camera, etc.).


When i was new to fiverr… I received a warning on the gig for providing services that are not allowed on this platform… That gig was related to mockups… And i did not know much about fiverr that time… So that was mistake… Second warning was i was sending offers to buyer’s request i saw a request a buyer said i need logo urgently … Don’t send me request instead inbox me and tell if you can make logo urgently… I messaged him that i can make logo for you… That was a sellers account… That’s why i got warning for trying to sell my services to seller… And this time i didn’t asked him to increase rating i just asked if there’s any issue then i would fix that in order to make clint satisfied by my work and make him repeating client… He said me that he is happy and want to increase …

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Expect a third and final warning just because you did that.

If Fiverr finds out, you will be banned.


Thank you so much for replying me… And yes i know that policy of authentic profile… And there’s nothing wrong with my profile…

Btw i saw your fiverr profile about a month ago i don’t remember from where i get redirected to your profile but i really got impressed by your work… Happy to talk to you… :blush: and thank again.

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Are you 100% certain everything on your profile is authentic?


Well i believe that i will not get banned for this… Because i just asked him to improve myself… And not asked him to improve my rating…

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What you did is considered manipulating the buyer and yes you will receive a warning if your buyer contacts CS about it.

And if it’s your third strike, it’s going to be a ban.