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Rating dilemm don't know why

Well, a buyer I just completed a task for. He liked my work, didn’t ask for any revision and left a feedback that he loved working with me and will give me more projects, yet he left a 4.7 stars review. Is it normal for buyers?


Which part did he rate lower than 5? As there are three criteria to make it 5

  • Communication With Seller
  • Service as Described
  • Buy Again or Recommen

Anyway, don’t mind that too much – people rate how they feel about your service. Just improve where you can and carry on.

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Buyers are NOT obligated to leave ratings.

I have had only 76% of my completed jobs rated.

Besides, 4.7 out of 5 is nothing to worry about.

Service as described.
But he just texted me for another project. Should I accept the new work he’s offering me?

Yes but it was only my second feedback that dropped my rating to 4.8 from 5.
Anyhow I just moved on.

That’s the right thing to do.

Move on.

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If you’re happy to work with that person again, then that is fine. If you’re uncomfortable about him leaving a 4.7 and don’t want to, then that is an okay choice as well. Just do what you feel comfortable doing.

Just a very important tip, don’t ask him/her about the rating and why he rated that way, Fiverr will take it as manipulation on gig review and etc.

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Will never do that.
It’s just my tenth day and will not want to be flagged for anything.

The person is super nice and pays decent (at least as per my standard. Paid me125 for a one day work). But I also don’t want my rating to be low. Let’s see what happens. He asked me to send him a custom offer in five hours.

Yes, as I noticed you are a new seller, ratings are quite important in that stage. Best to maintain a 4.7 above as I think that is the requirement. Wishing you success! Carry on.

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If you type “4.7 bug rating” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


Thankyou so much. You too, my friend.
I’ve been a freelance writer for four years on other platforms and positive feedback always gave me energy.
Your wishes also meant a lot.

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Well there were some interesting topics. I wonder if the bug still isn’t fixed?

Final question from ya’ll biggies; will this 4.7 stars review affect my visibility? I mean would it hit me on the back when I try to grab more work in the future?