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Rating down below 90 No apply jobs


If Rating down below 90 No apply or Buyer Requests jobs. This is Biggest problem Freelancer. if freelancer no apply Buyer Requests. NO found job and time spend day to day, Freelancer hope every time, Given Oder Client but no Oder, Just Hope.

Client sometime Rating no like and Freelancer Submit better work but client given rating 4 or 4.50 or any wish so it her matters.

So my suggestion rating matter consider, Fiverr management.


On your place I would not just hope on fiverr. It’s YOUR business and YOUR responsibility to get clients to yourself. It’s not fiverr responsibility.

And don’t blame your buyers for leaving you 4 star reviews. It’s still a good review. And if left it at 4 stars it meant they felt that something was off in your service.
(And I’m making a big assumption right now but it can also be your English level. It’s quite difficult to understand you)


No need to guess, just check the poster’s profile and the reviews they got. Some buyers were clearly not happy with what they received, and one complained that the OP didn’t understand plain English and kept sending updates that had nothing to do with instructions. That 1 star review and the thorough explanation behind it could be the reason why buyers choose someone else.