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Rating down with 4.7


This is really sad for me
My rating is goes down today with 4.7… Any one suggest me how I increase this to 5



Sorry to hear that…
Nothing else you can do to improve your rating other than deliver a lots of 5 star rating project.
I once got dropped into 4.8 star, and it took me around 50 order to get to 5 star rating again

it’s important to leave a respond to a negative reviews, so potential buyer know what happen with your project.
And depend how respond to the reviews, it could show your service as novice or professional seller…

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Yes you are right. Hope. I got more order to rate me up.

Thanks a lot for the response


Sorry to hear that. Continue the good work and complete some order with 5 star rating. Try to satisfied your client.


provide good quality work


thanks alot everyone sure I will work on it thanks again


strong text

First of all improve your Communication. If you are unable to deliver on time then always inform the buyer. Ask for extra time.

IF the buyer is not happy with the work, no matter how many hours you have put in, just refund me. Its better to leave money than earning negative ratings.



Refunding also will drop her rating. If she already have a level one or level 2 she can loose it because of cancellations. So not only she will spend her time, her effort and loose money but also it affect her ranking in search because search algorythm based on statististics.


Yes you are right Maria and sujit you too

I loose my rate bcz of negative review from a buyer I completed the work but he don’t take it serious he thought I don’t do that and put review with negative


leave money- means cancel order. By this way rating will fall , I am right or not.


Yes you are right it’s also fal the rating


Work in fiverr or anywhere else Is -Walk inside Jurassic park, but should not meet with T-rex


Its true :joy: :rofl:


Sad but true.
Please remember, Customer is always right.
now at this stage, you really need to improve your response time and deliver max amount of 5-star work.
and #ridwansugi is right, its good to leave a comment on the lower rating explaining what happened.
Best of luck.


Yes, you are right, we should be patience and effort


don’t worry !!keep it up


Hahahaha you right