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Rating dropped from 5 to 3.3?

I’ve had a consistently good rating, between 4.5 - 5, since I joined Fiverr in 2013. I’m a pro user as well. Now all of a sudden I have 3.3?? I recently canceled an order that was $1000 for a script I couldn’t write due to stress plus it was a story I’m not really equipped as a writer to write. Could this one cancellation cause my rating to drop so sharply? I’m pretty upset about this.


The cancellation shouldn’t have affected your reviews. If it had been delivered and rated it would have.

The rating shown in the analytics/dashboard is based on the last 60 days so if you have very few reviews from the last 60 days, 1 review could cause a big drop. It looks like you have 2 reviews in the last 60 days but maybe the one that says “2 months ago” is slightly over 60 days ago. So maybe it’s only counting the last review/rating (3.3) in the rating for the dashboard/analytics as that’s the only 1 it thinks is in the last 60 days.


I think you are confusing your rating with your order completion %? Cancellations do not affect your rating. They only affect your order completion %.

Also, as has already been pointed out by @uk1000, your rating (as shown in your analytics page/dashboard) is calculated by taking an average of all the ratings that you have earned in the last 60 days. This is the reason why you observed such a huge drop in your rating.


So because I’ve received no ratings recently my score drops?? If so this is a highly flawed system. My ratings are how people find me. If I had put it in vacation mode would that have changed anything?

Hello, I see that your overall review rating is 4.9. Your most recent review was a 3.3.

Nothing at all to worry about.

The 4.9 is the cumulative average of all your reviews.


There’s two ratings.

Your profile rating is: 4.9 (146 reviews)

Your gig rating (detailed feedback on your screenplay) is 4.3

This is due to the following.

  1. You only have 10 reviews.
  2. The reviews that brought you down are the 4.3, 4.0, and the 3.3.

The good news is that a few 5-star reviews should bring you back up.

My feeling is that this is a very subjective gig, and some screenwriters are very sensitive and don’t take criticism well.

Question, I see your gig includes 10,000 pages. Isn’t the average screenplay 150 pages? Why not try this?

Basic: 50 pages
Standard 100 pages
Premium 150 pages


Well I’m very confused because as soon as I open the app I see 3.3 as my rating and it’s always been 5.0. But you’re saying this is of my most recent review, my last completed job was in May and they gave it 5 stars. It only changed to 3.3 earlier today.

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Use desktop…the app is full of bugs…

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Nothing to worry about. Ups and Downs are part of career.

A lower than 4.7 average for the last 60 days could cause a level drop but since the lowest rated order isn’t included in the evaluation I assume that rating won’t have an effect on the evaluation (assuming any new others are higher).



It might be that 3.3 rating is only rating in last 60 days, at least it looks like that when I check your profile


@arty182925 Good point, that must be what he means. At least he is a PRO seller and won’t have to worry about a demotion like most sellers.


So do they never get demoted or is it a manual process where for Pro sellers where someone decides?
Is there a link to the rules for them?

The TOS says things like ratings may affect Pro status but maybe they take overall rating into account not just 60 day rating?

Okay cool thanks to you and everyone who replied. I think the rating is just for me as an incentive to get more work. Being a pro user Fiverr is “on my case” a lot more about maintaining standards.

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