Rating drops on fiverr app not on website when the order is marked automatically


Hello there. I had overall rating of 4.4 stars. But today one of my order is marked automatically by fiverr as the buyer does not marked it in three days and what i see in fiverr android app is that my rating drops to 3.7 stars. Please someone tell me whats going on. When i open it in web browser it still shows 4.4 rating with 4 reviews. But now i have completed 5 orders and the last order does not have any review so then why the android app is showing rating 3.7. Does fiverr automatically took 1 star for my automatically mark project. Please help me as ratings shows our reputation and it matters to me alot please help me.


My rating shows the same on desktop and app. I would contact Customer Support about this, they are the only ones who really can help you if it is a bug.


Thanks alot for the response i will contact the customer service now