Rating help, 3 star review for nothing


How i can improve my rating(rewievs)… One buyer gived me 3star because he placed an order and he get hia work after 19 hours. So i do everything properly, work is very good, mu comunication with him is very good but he gived me 3 star and now i cant go in buyer request and i slowly loose my passion. So, is there anythinh what i can do?

Bad feedback for no reason! Help

I think you need to contact buyer and to ask why she/he not left 5 stars for you work and if have something which you can improve. If she/he agrees you can improve and she/he can edit review and change it to 5 :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


You can ask if there was anything you could have done to make their experience better but you are not allowed to solicit clients for a 5 :star: review.