RATING IN DANGER! Date problem


okay… I am supposibly late on this gig… But my gig states 3 days… The date on this gig says he issued the sale a month ago… But 3 DAYS!!! ??? WTF? And I am about to be late on delivery… but I haven’t seen this until yesterday pop up on my gigs. Someone! Help! Rating in danger!


HeRe Is a ScReEn ShOT


I’ve never had this happen before; however, maybe it has to do with when the buyer responded to your gig instructions. I recommend contacting customer support to get it resolved.


Yes, if the buyer waits until later to respond to the instructions, then your delivery time will change. You should have received notification of a sale, and then another notification when the buyer responded to your instructions. Did you not receive either of those?

If you do not regularly check the email associated with your Fiverr account, I would suggest checking your Fiverr account daily to make sure you’re not missing out on orders.

Also, did the buyer order more than one gig? When more than one gig is ordered, the delivery time will change.

Although I’m betting the issue is that the buyer waited to respond. :wink:


From what I see you have a 2 day turn around on that particular gig and when the buyer "activated "/responded to the the order the countdown started…