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Rating increasing help

Fie! Fie!

I am level 1 seller. I have some orders. Unfortunately the buyer has cancelled the order. Before cancellation the order I had 100% rating based profile. But now my profile rating is 87% and my gigs is not found in special categories.

Please give me tips what can I do for increasing my profile rating? I am very disappointed now. Need tips of experts.


In your case the best advice is to just refund buyer and do MUTUAL cancellation if you see he is not satisfied with your work or he didn’t understand it. So better give up of that $4 you would earn than losing your rating.

When I see that buyer expects too much for $5 or what he ordered is maybe not what he wanted I request mutual cancellation. Better to cancel than get negative feedback.

Very true what m2webs said. You can propose the mutual cancellation to him with very polite words and ask him to accept the cancellation if he didn’t satisfy with your service. However better to contact him first in conversation page and try to resolve the problem there…some of buyers are very kind and will understand the situation

I can understand your words but the problem is I am not finding the mutual contract box by where I can send him massage. He has cancelled the order directly and for this the negative has fallen on my gigs and profile and do not get any kinds of money.

I want to know If the other buyer give the fully positive rating, then the profile rating and the gigs rating may rise. If the rating do not become 100%, I can not become a level 2 seller which is very pain for me.

Since I can not send him massage for mutual contract, in which another way I can increase the rating?