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Rating is 5 but Buyer Request Not show Any thing

My rating is 4.9 but I still unable to see the buyer request. I have created gigs and get order organically someone, please help me out to fix this.

Buyer requests (BRs) can be kinda hard to find for new/unleveled sellers. You will be able to see more BRs once you get to level 1. BRs can appear at any time of the day or night, and as soon as they appear, they often disappear within a matter of minutes (for new/unleveled sellers).

So, you kinda need some luck to happen on a buyer request. The best thing you can do to come across one is to check the buyer request page as often as you possibly can. When I was an unleveled seller, I used to check the buyer request page more than 30 or 40 times a day and yet come across only one or two buyer requests. :confused:

Also, since you mentioned that you’re already receiving orders organically, you don’t really have to worry about BRs now, do you?

Please go through the following forum article to find out more about BRs: