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Rating is down

hi im hope to back fiverr, now my rating is too low, i need advice how to increase my rating and get more sale this is my profile

You’re simply not going to get any work with that rating and those reviews.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s going to be tough to recover from. Maybe it’s worth starting a new account from scratch? It’s going to be essential to deeply assess each bad review and to learn from every single one. Also, cancelled/non-delivered orders can ruin you. Deliver on time, be friendly, be good at what you do, and give your buyers MORE than they were expecting. :slight_smile:

you mean this account can’t get new order?

you mean starting new account is better? if i can get new order via this account?

not impressive…create new one will be better option for you…work hard and try to get positive reviews…

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what she meant.

Well this profile can get new orders but you can’t expect more orders on this account ( The client will use your service once they saw the review ( Orders mostly based on review )

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Time to take the meds.

There’s nothing really to say here but… Oh dear.

can i get help from fiverr team?