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Rating now 4.7 not getting proper response

Before few month some give order and i i delivered it on time.After work done he give bad review and gave 1star aslo said the logo do not represent us.After that long time no order.Now getting few response.Need oldest advice.what can i do ? Will i continue this id or delete id or remove old gig?


If you choose to delete your account, you need Fiverr Customer Support’s permission to create a new one.


Fiverr did not allow your create multiple accounts.

If you’re asking about deleting your current account so you can create a new one, don’t do it. Your rating doesn’t have to be perfect. Workflow isn’t going to be consistent and just because things come to a halt for a while doesn’t mean your rating is to blame.

Take a deep breath and keep pushing forward.


The review you are referring to was a year ago. You have several excellent reviews during the last month.

Check this out: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR and carry on with renewed effort.