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Rating of gigs and order


respected Fiverr authorities

I want to kindly ask you things related to my Fiverr business

sir I have tried my best to make gigs accurate and up to the mark in recent past months

but I have not received orders on these gigs because of the reason unknown to me

Sir I humbly request that I am a professional in Logo and Illustration so please watch my gigs and improve my ratings

I have just published new gigs up to the mark and thereby I request you to please help me


please friend check my gig, and order it i just need to taste a little fun in five.rr, at least one or two jobs will equipped me


actually i don’t have any experience in fiverr forum. so if you i do something wrong then Please guide me about it.


@shaheer1c You have cool gigs, logo and video is in high demand. Since your just started its going to take you while for the gigs to roll in. The best advice i can give you is master the art of communication. Hope you make alot of money good luck!


Hi guys… Check out my gig and let me know if there anything need to make my gig more appropriate…!!!

Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5



i am sorry but don’t have alot experience that’s why i did this mistake

in future I shall be careful

Thanks for your kind comments

But still I have worked hard on gigs and still not getting that response. I don’t know the reason.

I would like to ask that after how much days I should renew my gig for getting views

Thanks alot again for your such kind comments


thank you sir thanks alot @kjblynx


please friend check my gig, and order it i just need to taste fun