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Rating percenttage


Hi,need somebody helps to calculate percentage for my account…i have total of four orders 3 orders have 5 star and one order with 2.7 star,over all rating is 4.4…i want to know my rating percentage because fiverr is not allowing me to send buyer requests till i have 90 percent positive rating

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There is nothing that you need anyone else to calculate. Fiverr is correct, you need to have a 90% positive rating in order to see any buyer requests. A 4.4-star seller rating is below 90%, therefore, you are not seeing any buyer requests. Once you earn enough positive reviews to put you back over 90% you’ll be able to respond to BRs again.

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It is exactly 88%

( [(35) +(12.5)]/(3+1) = 4.4 => 4.4*100/5 = 88 )

Anything else?


If Fiverr rounds it to 4.4 before converting to a percentage. If not maybe it could be 89% (if 88.5 is rounded to 89).
((3 * 5)+(1 * 2.7))/4=4.425
(100/5)*4.425=88.5 (%) so if it rounds up it could be 89%?


I also had the same question as you when first doing the numbers so I conclude that, from what OP said, Fiver rounds it up before converting to percentage.

We’ll be needing to collect more data to pinpoint the topics about rating.


Though the OP can’t send offers because the rating is < 90%.
If Fiverr rounds the values to make 89% or rounds it to 88% (or internally calculates it to 88.5 and checks that but displays it differently (eg. rounded)), all these are less than 90% so won’t let him post offers in the BR section until it changes so it’s high enough.

edit: Though the figure as a percentage doesn’t seem to displayed anywhere.


Yes, that’s right. Either way he won’t be able to access BR. But for us is insteresting to know, at least a little bit, what criteria Fiverr uses for rounding and calculating % :wink:


Thank You MAN for Your Kind reply


one more thing dear if i get 1 more order with 5.0 star can my rating jumps above 90%


Yes if you got another 5 star rating the percentage will be 91

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You’re welcome, and may I say I’m not a “MAN” and also not a “dear”. :roll_eyes:

Please avoid addressing people in those terms, specially buyers.

Answering your question: Yes, one more 5* rated order will raise your rating between 90% and 91% (90.8%).

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Ohh than how should we address to people :roll_eyes:


You may find this helpful.


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By their username will be fine.

Oh, yes, and @bilalhocain007, definitley, not “bro” or “sis”.