Rating problem in my profile


i have 2 review on my profile.one is 4.5 starts and second is 1 star.now fiverr tell me this.how can i solve problem?i can’t sen request to anyone for the new job.please tell me what i do?


You’ve got 2 choices:

  1. scrap you profile and start again
  2. no you haven’t got a second choice really - I was going to say to get lots of orders with 5 star reviews.

Tell CS that you’d like to start a new profile, and they’ll advise you the best way to go about it.

Whatever you did wrong to get that 1 star review, please learn from it, and don’t do it again on a new account.


if i delete all gigs and make again.then i work start again on same profile?


No - you’d still have the same reviews even if you delete your gigs - the star rating would still be the same.


now i have $20 on fiverr.these are waste?


No - wait until your payments have cleared, then withdraw them, and then go through the process of closing your account and starting a new one.


after withdraw amount i deactivate this account and create new account.you want to say me this?


Yep - that should do it - good luck! :slight_smile: