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Rating problem need help from seniors

how can i get positive fiverr is saying that you have must need 90% positive reviews but i am not able to send any request to any buyer …please seniors help me ,


Get new order & improve your service quality

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but how can i get new order i ain’t able to send offer to anyone

If you type “90% rating” in the search bar above you will find posts on the subject which may be of help to you.


You can send only 10 requests per day. 90% rating will be needed for to reach level1. Send best quality work, and try to get professional talk with your buyer. Only best delivery is not important, good & friendly talk will give you the positive rating. Now, How you will get more order, stay online as much as possible it will improve your gigs reach also use (Available Now) feature. Good luck :slight_smile:

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thanks for your reply .
but how can i send offer i am not able to send request ?

You can send 10 requests per day, Visit Buyer request section if you’re seeing the buyer requests you can send it but if your not seeing any request from buyer you will have to work on your gigs catagorey.

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Quality Work And Don’t Cancel The Order

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I do not think the others who have posted on this thread get your message. :confounded: They appear to be anxious to help but they have not read and understood what you said. :thinking: Unfortunately, since you can not use Buyer Requests you will need to promote your gigs elsewhere.
This may help you. Good Luck! :wink:
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Well, I’m not a senior citizen, so I can’t help. Other younger users probably read your title and just skedaddled.

Cheerio :cherries:

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@vickiespencer got it right! :slightly_smiling_face:

Until you get your rating back up to 90% you can’t send any replies to buyer requests, so it’s pointless anybody telling you how many to send each day etc.

All you can is to promote your gigs outside of Fiverr, get a few more 5 * reviews to bump up your numbers and go from there.

Good luck! :sunny:


so how can i promote my gig outside the fiverr any specific platform .

It says in the article I posted a link to. :no_mouth: