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Rating Sellers is too limiting


Not sure if this is where to put this rant but here it is. As buyers we need more options to rate a seller than just thumbs up or thumbs down. I’ve used sellers that had tons of thumbs up that clearly were not excellent sellers. But who wants to give someone thumbs down? I know I hate to unless they really were terrible in what they produced or their service to the customer. So I feel forced to give a thumbs up. Hmmm, so that’s why so many fiverr sellers have so many thumbs up. As buyers, we all feel we only have two choices. Totally awful- we hate you or Omg what a great job. Fiverr- give us more options here, Please!


Many have said it’s only $5. On average I spend $30 on a gig and I almost always pay a tip up front. I’m not trying to get something for nothing. Fiverr can and should be a mutually beneficial proposition. (I’m assuming the super sellers have a system down and make a chunk of change)

Yes, I guess I can give a thumbs up but give a not so raving review, but as a buyer scanning gigs, I mainly see the high number of thumbs up and assume lots of people are happy with this seller.

And it’s not only the money I spend but my time has been wasted with sub par sellers. It adds up. I have wasted a lot of money and time that probably could have been saved with a better rating system.


Reply to @brunettegrenade: Great point :stuck_out_tongue:


You do have a third option, not to rate.


Additionally, you have a text line to make clear. You can say, “Delivered on time. The work product isn’t ideal for me so I won’t be coming back” etc.


anarchofighter this is true and I have done something similar for one seller but I still had to give him a thumbs up. yes I have resorted to not rating. But when we look for a gig, we look for how many good ratings and with this system, they are watered down good ratings. “You did a great job” is equal to “I won’t be coming back”. As a buyer it makes it much more work for me to find a great seller.


Luv, maybe it’s worth a small modification to your way of thinking about fiverr.

For $5 it’s cheaper to test someone for your own purposes and not even read feedback than it would be to find someone in the real world or hire a real worker.

Unless your budget is SUPER tight, in which case, you can go with jobs that have samples/portfolios.


If you are not getting what you want from seller then just create a list of requirements that you want from anyone while doing work for you. Next time when you select the seller, just send them those requirements and ask them if they can do the work for you. That will save you from the sellers who are here just for making quick bucks than doing any actual work.


Luvlemon is completely right!

Hey, fiverr, why not use the same system as ebay does, where you can define any issue of your deal with the seller (and yes, sharing a neutral point as well if neccesary?


As a buyer and seller, I agree with

marsarts said: marsarts
luvlemon said: luvlemon

But, the thing is it is just $5. Most of the buyers prefer positive ratings even if they just get OK kinda service. The thing is why do we as buyers have to worry for ratings and all that just for 5 bucks?


Reply to @marsarts:

From my perspective this is a case of noise. And noise in a system that already far to greatly favours buyers.

First, the problem with a 4/5-star system is that no product is ever perfect for about anyone. Second, there’s the problem of consistency of understanding (is the scale linear? Gaussian? exponential? logarithmic?)

For example if I order 100 gigs. Should I be evaluating about 66% of them around 3 stars because that would be an average experience (even if the overall result was fantastic?)

Remember, you already have all the options in the world because you can write whatever you wish.

And, while I might be open to a “neutral” (no thumbs option) with words. That would just seem to unnecessarily complicate the already confusing to many sellers “% rating” system.

All that said, is it really that difficult? I mean if someone has consistent feedback (and by that I mean feedback results a few times a week…every week…for 6 to 18 months) isn’t that a fairly good indicator?

Aren’t at least 30-40% of sellers providing portfolio examples to judge?

I guess my questions is, why would you think it any easier to find quality folk if there was a 5-star system. It would seem to be only more noise.

And, again, for $5 you can find out for yourself :slight_smile: Isn’t that the best test?


Rating Buyers is also limited. With the new site platform, now you can only rate a Buyer if they have rated you? How is that a good system?

On a somewhat other note- Where were or are the Buyers ratings even viewable anyway?