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Rating Sellers: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down [ARCHIVED]

Hey buyers! I thought I would take the time to give you a quick suggestion. When you leave your feedback on a gig, it’s best to provide as much details as you can about your experience.

As sellers, we appreciate your positive (thumbs up) feedback, even if its just a quick “Great job! Thanks!”, but we also love a more detailed review as well.

Think about these questions while writing your review:

What did the seller do that I liked?

How was their customer service skills?

Did they reach my expectations?

What tasks did the seller do for my project?

By writing a detailed review, you’re not only helping potential buyers make a decision to buy, but you’re also helping the seller to know his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Negative Reviews

These particular reviews really hurt sellers, not just their rating but their feelings as well. There's nothing worst than dropping below a 100% rating. Before giving a seller a negative (thumbs down) feedback, try contacting them first and express your concern. Give the seller the opportunity to revise your order.

Also, keep these questions in mind:

Did the seller actually do what his gig description says?
Am I unhappy because its not what I thought it was or am I unhappy because I didnt get the results I wanted?
Was the seller at fault or was I at fault for the final outcome?

Sometimes sellers get negative feedback even though they delivered EXACTLY what was advertised. If they were friendly & prompt, shouldn't they still get a thumbs up along with your concerns.


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Reply to @madmoo: Thanks Angie!

Reply to @vedmak: I feel the same way. I see that all the time.

This is a good post. I just had a negative review from someone who didn’t even read my report because it had “too much information.” Well no wonder he got no value from it! Customer service won’t remove his negative review without MY getting this buyer’s permission. I offered twice to help him implement my product but he’s "over it."

I’m kind of new here but this is disappointing considering how much work I put into my product.

From now on I’m ignoring negative reviews altogether and discovering value for myself. Complaining is easier than success.

Well said !

Reply to @parkerarrow: I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s really unfortunate.

A Good Post @musiclover… !!

Nice words :slight_smile: thank you!!

Thank you for commenting everyone! :slight_smile:

this is so on target…thanks for writing it.

I agree, this hurts me rating wise and feelings wise when i complete a gig on time and everything right and then have the buyer leave a negative review :frowning:

Reply to @shawnecannon: Yeah, it sucks. Especially when some buyers don’t leave a reason, so you just get a “thumbs down”. Its a heart-dropping experience.

I know this is an older thread but it seems to pertain to my issue and I’m trying

Not to leave a negative review…

I ordered a gig for a logo and the seller delivered a logo that looked nothing like what I ordered. When I asked about it she said the one I wanted was extra because it had color ( vs b&w), and that the information was listed on the gig page…but it wasn’t and I sent her a screen shot showing her that. She agreed and understood the mistake on her end and delivered the correct gig, I’d like a modification, but because I already requested a modification (for the wrong logo altogether, through no fault of my own) it’s not giving me the option to request a modification the the gig, I can only leave positive or negative feedback. I’ve contacted the seller asking about the modification but haven’t heard back, and it looks like I only have 3 days from when the gig is delivered to leave feedback before the gig is closed. I’m trying not to leave negative feedback , but she’s not answering my message and I’m running out of time.

What would you recommend I do?


rathersaucy said: like I only have 3 days from when the gig is delivered to leave feedback before the gig is closed. I'm trying not to leave negative feedback

Don't worry. You can leave feedback any time providing you have not already left feedback. You can leave it in 2 years time if you wish.

I have a seller who hasn’t made any communication attempts to me and the order is supposed to be delivered in 4 hours today. While I don’t even know at this point if my order will be delivered on time, I am unhappy with not having ANY acknowledgement from her since receiving my order. If she is behind or whatever I would just like to know. I expected a response from her last night as her response time says 18 hours, but I didn’t get a message. With 1k plus reviews all positive and only 6 negative I would hate to be another negative reviewer from her. I just messaged her now asking if it was even being worked on. This is complete opposite customer service from what I receieved from the first person I purchased with.

If fiverr will not allow review corrections after buyer and seller agree on a compromise, how is it possible to modify the buyers review after three days? I was traveling and the time expired before I was able to modify review.

I responded with a negative review. The work was crazy, not sure what was going on. I mentioned that he tried but he made up stuff that was NOT real for our website. He quickly replied and offered to give us back a refund if we take back the review, and also told us that he did not write the seo paper his friend did, and he was mad. I am thinking WTF of course…I said I would be happy to take back the review, if he refunded the money, which he did…Now I don’t know how to take back the review. Can you help…Thanks

Should a buyer take back the negative review, THEN get a refund? Or get a refund, then take back the negative review?

And when the buyer takes back a negative review must he leave a thumbs up, or can he just not leave any?