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i sow some buyer do order gigs after the get the service them make cancellation of the order and the web site support them and the support is stand alone with out any side , then the buyer cancel the orders with getting the service other way give negative :-q feedback with some bad words … and all some time not be true

how come if the seller have +250 completed order and more than +150 or +200 orders have positive :-bd rating and after all that get 99% of him rating cause one scammer .???

i sugest to be investigating in this issues it’s urgent .


I had the exact same problem if you check my account i have 99% and the rating doesnt even exists :frowning:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: them not do any thing :frowning:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: They don’t remove such feedbacks easily. They say contact buyer and comes to a agreement. I also had this kind of thing, But I removed it by asking the help of Customer Support.

In my case, Buyer is wrong in all sides. After getting my service, he asked a refund. I don’t give him. But I realize something from that case.


Because fiverr CS won't remove every feedback all the time even if the buyer is totally wrong in his side. But If you haven't any wrong in your side as a seller, Don't hesitate to contact the support team. They are very lovely :D

I always give unexpected bonuses for my buyers, So they are confuzed with my work, So If he works according to his mind, he never put me a Negative Feedback! That's it guys :D

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Reply to @sk8tavou: Ratings would be low If you have Negative Feedbacks, If you power cancelled orders, If you do many mutual cancellation suggestions by you. So everytime you want to do mutual cancellation ask first from buyer to do it. Coz it doesn’t affect to your rating if the buyer suggest the mutual cancellation :slight_smile:

Good Luck!
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Why not? What becomes confusing to most people is drawing the line about asking the forum fiverr community about a problem for general discussion and a technical question. I see this as a RANT and it was posted as such, wasn’t it?

I agree, using a forum for support DO & DONTS may not be appropriate - but its a general knowledge that all online communities rant, rave share ideas, go over problems and thats what makes for a good community. Working it all out.

Why else have an area titled "THE RANTING POST"

consider this a rant.

I had similar experiences on an online site that rhythms with Fragglesrock.