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Rating Stuck, Not Growing At All

fter getting a 1 star review for late delivery which made my ratings drop to 91%, I delivered a lot of orders and got 5 star reviews from clients yet my rating won’t grow. I’ve complained to Fiverr Support but it’s still the same ‘Copy and Paste’ response.

Kindly fix this as it’s affecting my sales and rating!

Hi there!

You’ve had 5 reviews which were classed as negative out of 48, so you’ll need to get as many 5 star reviews as you can for your percentage to increase.

Nothing Fiverr CS can do, or us on the forum I’m afraid - just keep getting those 5 star reviews to offset the others.

Good luck!


Keep on delivering. Keep on getting astonishing reviews which will boost your overall rating.

Remember, quality work and happy clients will help you!

Best of luck
:bulb: Joe

Delivering that late is a guaranteed rating bomb, but your other negative reviews added to that really knocked you down. As the others said, Fiverr can’t raise your rating for you, you have to do that by earning a LOT of 5 star reviews.

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I never understood the math. How does 1 negative review manage to change your rating when you have more than 100 positive ones?

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In this case, there aren’t 100+ reviews - 1 negative review out of 100+ wouldn’t make much of a difference, but 5 out of 48 does.

The more 5 star reviews you’ve got, the less difference 1 negative review will make.

Hope this helps!

I had just ONE 1 star negative review. How come after SIX 5 star reviews I’m still stuck?

Kindly do the maths please.

NotNote: Only 1 star review dropped it to 91% from 97%. After 6 awesome reviews and I’m still stuck.

Okay, I’ll do the maths:

You’ve had 48 reviews, each of which can achieve 5 stars.
43 have had 5 stars

so 43 x 5 = 215 (please see note below)

The others have had
Total = 8

215 + 8 = 223 (actual stars)

48 x 5 = 240 (total possible number of stars)

223 / 240 = 0.929 x 100 = 93%

Now, Fiverr may calculate the percentage differently over different time periods etc but that’s a rough estimate.

Edited to add - this assumes that all the feedbacks you received which didn’t count as negative were all 5 stars - if they were from 3 - 4.5, then that would reduce your percentage a bit more, hence 91%.


Technically 1 review should and can make a difference, as 1 negative review (technically) means you do not have 100% positive review, at best 99%.

Meaning if you get another 5 star the reviews go back to 100%. That should be the case but it isn’t the case.


Now eight 5 star reviews and still stuck @ 91%.

I’ll eventually quit Fiverr as it seems they are bias on everything

Just keep getting the 5 star reviews, and your percentage will naturally increase.

Fiverr isn’t biased, it’s just how the percentages are calculated.

BTW - you’re not Cheryl Cole are you? :wink:


the funny side is that you don’t want to understand, just to let you know that ebay works the same way as explained by offlinehelpers.

Yet, you still get orders (roughly 8 on 14 days or something) and you want to quit?

You ve been on Fiverr for 8 month and receive 50 orders, roughly 6 orders per month, you did get 8 in 12 days and you come around moaning because of a number?

You really think that coming on the forum and “threat” fiverr with your "[quote=“canvauser, post:12, topic:115635”]
I’ll eventually quit Fiverr as it seems they are bias on everything
[/quote] will make them change the rating system?

They probably have seen the same situations thousands of times and with sellers with much more reviews than you and you can imagine.

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Thanks @driedwriter for understanding the implications of the ratings and percentage calculation!

…and @canvauser still isn’t Cheryl Cole! :grinning:

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What’s the minimum positive ratings we wanted to send offers in buyers requests section?
Mine is 91%:slightly_smiling_face: