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Rating system change


I recently hired a vendor to produce something for me which they failed to (after the deadline a cancellation was requested). Now, while I can complain about the vendor who did this, I’m not. What frustrates me is that–how am I to know I am not the 100th person this vendor has done this too? Why don’t you have some listing that goes along with their rating regarding the amount of accepted gigs and finished gigs by this vendor (perhaps a completion rate?) For instance…lets say there is a vendor who provides a service, but every 3rd client they do a job for, they cancel on. Is this fair for any customer not to know this? Surely, you can add something to the rating that allows a customer to know the consistency this vendor has had with ALL their clients. As is, the rating system only reflects the jobs they have completed that were NOT cancelled. And that’s not a fair representation of all their work for a prospective customer. Just my 2 cents. In the event a vendor were to have a regular interval where they cancel jobs (say more than 10%), I’d like some way of knowing that is quite obvious along with their rating. Because to me–that’s as important to know as the rating.


Every seller is rated based on three conditions:

  1. Order completion rate
  2. Response rate
  3. Order delivery rate

Now this is the grading system every seller here is subjected to. We get demoted and promoted based on this rating system every month. We even get punished for buyer’s mistakes, with Top Rates Sellers losing their rank every month. This is the price sellers pay for selling on fiverr.

Now this is enough to evaluate a seller, I don’t think fiverr sellers deserve another evaluation system based on your experience. I think you should deal with your experience and move on.


So is the rating system affected by a vendor, say, that cancels jobs quite frequently? Does their rating go down? And when you say ‘rated’ what do you mean? A rating for the seller to view or the same one we see? I honestly don’t care if they RATE this, just so long as when I click on a vendor or mouse over their service square or button or whatever you call it–that it gives me information not only on what rating people gave them, but also a percentage of completions you have for the number of people who have submitted jobs with them. And why would a seller not want this information available to a potential customer?


Sellers lose their level if more than 10% of their orders get cancelled in the last 60 days.

It happens even if it wasn’t the seller’s fault (for example, buyer ordered twice by mistake).

Also, whenever an order is cancelled, the gig drops in search (for example, from page 2 to page 8).

Seller who cancels often would end up with no level, and would probably be extremely difficult to find in search (or would disappear from the search completely).


I’d be completely fine with prospective buyers being able to see my order completion rate if they got as well shown the reasons for the cancellations - in my case, for instance, my last cancellation which happened last week was an accidental double order and the one before that, last summer, a triple order of the same custom offer by buyers because they thought their payment hadn’t gone through, site timed out or something.

As things are currently, we have to ‘live down’ all and any cancellations no matter whose fault, or even those due to technical errors, over 60 days while being ‘evaluated’ in 30-day rhythm.

And this is a huge problem, especially for sellers who mostly do few (but perhaps big/long) orders only in any given period, you don’t need many cancellations to bring your rate down quickly then and that’s truly frustrating if cancellations that shouldn’t count against you, do count against you.

As a buyer, yes, I’d like to see data regarding that, if it included the cancellation reasons.


It appears as though they need a revision for a couple things. It looks like they need to have a little grace with what they consider penalty-deserved cancellations and ‘other’ cancellations. Although I think in particular, I would think it’s reasonable to have it be when a customer has a job for a fiverr and they see the request and accept the job–at that point, they should be locked in.


and the exceptions would be if there was an error on the customers part (such as they put in the wrong credit card to use or whatever), then the cancellation should be accepted without a hit to the Fiverr


This forum should support sellers because they are struggling and work hard. But unfortunately there is zero support from this forum and whole support is for buyers.


That really isn’t true - have a look around the forum again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sellers are particularly well represented and supported. :wink:


might be you are right but in case of any confusion and misunderstanding fiver doesnt listen anything from sellers and simply block their account


100% of my cancellations were due to buyers who ordered by mistake or asked for freework or didn’t leave complete requirements on time.
If my the completion rate was visible, you could imagine that I am a bad seller whereas 100% of the cancellation are due to “bad” buyers !
Completion rate has 0 interest until you know why an order has been cancelled!


You are giving advice on how the system should be but you don’t know how the system is working now :thinking:


perhaps they just have a lot of things screwed up and need to change a lot of how they rate. And so everyone is mad. This is what I think :rofl:


Just terribly unfair. I have lost my income, and I was doing a great job before.


what rating system change what does it mean